With this lock you will open the door as if you were paying with your mobile

Smart locks came a few years ago to stay. The intention of these products is that we forget about the keys, among many other extra functions. However, sometimes taking your phone out of your pocket, searching for the lock app and unlocking the door can be even more cumbersome than opening the deadbolt with a regular key. The Schlage Encode Plus smart lock focuses precisely on that moment of use. Opening the lock of your house will be as simple as paying with your mobile.

you will open the door as if you were paying with your mobile

Schlage Encode Plus. Making the smart lock simple

It was introduced earlier this year and is one of the first products to use Apple‘s new Home Key standard , which was unveiled at WWDC 2021. The Schlage Encode Plus lock works on both Apple and Android devices, but only With Apple HomeKit you can realize your full potential. All you have to do is bring your iPhone or Apple Watch close to the lock so that the green LED lights up and the door is unlocked. The connection will be made through the Thread protocol to your HomePod Mini or AppleTV 4K second generation. Android users will need to download the Schlage app, so they won’t be able to take advantage of this benefit, and will have to make do with the lock’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. However, the device can be associated with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa , so it will be possible to create routines or control the lock using voice commands.

Regarding the design, this model is quite similar to others in the Schlage Encode family. While many competing models tend to try to camouflage themselves and make it look like we have a normal lock from the outside, the Schlage Encode Plus makes it clear that it is an intelligent lock, especially due to its numeric keypad and its mode of operation, which is similar to what you would see in a hotel. The product is available in four different finishes so you have a better chance of matching the style of the door.

Installation and configuration

When it comes to installing, you will only need a screwdriver and a little over a quarter of an hour. This lock is designed so that it can be adapted to countless doors, even the oldest ones. It also takes into account details such as that your door may be crooked or that the mechanism is not perfectly aligned.

Regarding the configuration, the lock is perfectly integrated into the Casa application . You can automate quite a few processes, such as locking the lock when you walk away from home, unlocking the door before you even take your phone out of your pocket, or even locking the door automatically after a certain amount of time as a security measure (can be set between 15 seconds and 4 minutes). On the other hand, the product has a numeric panel to unlock the door with a key. This will be especially useful when you have visitors at home. The system supports several passwords simultaneously, so you can give different passwords to each guest depending on how long they are going to stay in our home.


Schlage Encode Plus

Regarding the price, the Schlage Encode Plus lock goes to $299.99 . This is not the cheapest smart lock on the entire market, but it is one of the most convenient. If you are an Android user, the most normal thing is that you find cheaper options. However, if you are an Apple user and your home is focused on the HomeKit ecosystem, without a doubt we are facing a practically round product.