With these apps you can get tattoos without pain

With these apps you can get tattoos without pain

If you are thinking about getting a new tattoo , but you are not sure, you can try it before taking the final step without going through any pain. Also, if you are afraid to get a tattoo, but you would like to know how one looks on you, you can try these applications to see if they convince you.

With them you will see directly how you would like any tattoo. You can try several tattoos, areas and even look at the designs that you like the most to get inspired and make the best decision without going through any pain.


inkhunter app

This is a curious application with which you can try on virtual tattoos with augmented reality so that you can see them live without having to suffer, although if they convince you and then you want to see them on your body you will have to take the step. The app projects any tattoo design anywhere on your body so you can see how it will finally look.

You can try your own designs from your mobile gallery or choose one from the gallery and view them from different angles. With the advanced photo editor you will make it look real. You can have fun looking at how certain tattoos look on you painlessly, or checking out how your friends look on you.

You will need a photo in PNG format with no background and ready to try! Do it as many times as you want and be amazed at the results.

Tattoo maker

tattoo maker app

If you love tattoos, want to get one or even want to edit tattoos for other people, you can design your name on photos now. You will come across a plethora of tattoo designs all over the world and you will be able to use your ideas to create your own image, painlessly of any kind. You will do everything from the screen of your mobile, turning photos into tattoos.

You can come across different styles, such as dragon, love, fantasy, animals and much more that you can download now. It is a very interesting tattoo design app that you should try right now.

Tattoo — ink design & maker

Tattoo — ink design & maker ios

This is an interesting app where you can add your own tattoo designs and access a large collection of them, with augmented reality even on your face and editing tools. Offers realistic overlay on body and text layouts.

You will be able to access hundreds of sketches in a wide variety of styles or your own, with many possibilities to edit such as brightness, contrast and more.

AR Tattoo: Fantasy & Fun

ar tattoo app

AR Tattoo is an app in which you can see how any tattoo looks by testing them on your phone’s screen before taking it to your skin or that of whoever you want. All you have to do is draw a mark in the area where you would like the tattoo to be, choose the one from the gallery in the app and point the camera at the mark to see how it would look live . It is very simple to use and very practical.

Photo tattoo simulator

foto tatuaje simulador

This is an app in which you can try new tattoos or have fun seeing how your body would look with a tattoo , or with many, simulating it online so that you don’t have to risk pain without knowing if the result is what you’d like. The pre- selected tattoos will allow you to create quick edits, you can also write any text and use it or search for images in your photo gallery or the Internet to see how they look on you.

It has a lot of original tattoo designs that you can find, plus they update to offer you more. In addition, you can share your virtual tattoos so that whoever you want can see how they look on you, you could even use it for a joke.