Winget 1.0, First Stable Version of the Windows Package Manager

On Linux, the most common way to install programs is using a package manager like APT. Using commands, we can search a remote database (what we know as a repository) for all kinds of programs to download and install them on our system. In Windows, on the contrary, the way to install programs is by downloading the installer from a web page and executing it by double clicking on it. There is less and less difference between Windows and Linux. And, thanks to Windows Package Manager , also known as Winget , these distances are shortened even more.

Windows Package Manager is a package manager, developed by Microsoft, for Windows. Thanks to it we will be able to search, download, install, update and uninstall programs from a CMD console using commands. This console has its own remote database, and it is also compatible with the Microsoft Store.

Winget 1.0

Winget has been in development for over a year now, and features have slowly trickled into the program. One of the latest functions that has come to this tool is to uninstall the programs with a simple command. Now, taking advantage of the fact that Microsoft Build 2021 is taking place, the company has made an important announcement: Winget 1.0, the first stable version of this package manager for Windows, is now available to everyone.

Winget 1.0 has most of the functions available

Although the different functions have been coming to the program little by little, and there are still some features to be implemented, we finally have a stable version with which we will be able to do almost anything. For example, thanks to the search parameter we will be able to search for any program by its name, or description, within the repositories. Once the name of the program is located, we can use the install parameter to install it. The upgrade will allow us to search for new versions or updates of the installer programs, and download them with upgrade -all . The list parameter allows us to see a list with all the programs and packages that we have installed on the computer, and, with uninstall , we can uninstall any package that we have previously installed.

Winget actualizar programas

As we can see, it is a very complete tool, with all the functions that we can look for in a tool of this style. If we want to know more about this package manager for Windows, and all its functions, we leave you a manual on how to install programs with Winget.

There are still some outstanding features, such as the ability to add new software repositories or manage dependencies. But these functions are not critical to the operation of the tool and will gradually reach users. For now, Windows Package Manager lets you do the essentials. And many users will appreciate finally having a package manager like this in Windows 10.

Download and install

This new version of Windows Package Manager is currently only available to Insider users who want to install it. In any case, Microsoft ensures that it will not take long to reach all users as an automatic update so that all those who already have the program installed can enjoy this first stable version.

The new version of this package manager can be downloaded and installed by hand from its GitHub page . Or we can also install it directly by clicking here . Finally, if we are Windows Insider users, this new version of the package manager will now be available on our system. We hope that, now that it has reached the stable version, Winget will come installed by default in future Windows 10 updates.