Windows 10 crash at login? How to fix it

windows-crashOnce we all have left the equipment charging when logging into the system, which may take a long time or not even start. Well this also happens in Windows 10 and here we will explain how to fix it.

Normally, if the device is loading once we have entered the password, it is caused by the performance of the system. Our team needs to process a lot of information when we start the system, since it has to execute all its programs, processes and services.

Windows 10: I can’t log in

When our system requires more memory for data processing than we have, it slows down and may stop working. It is also the case in old storage disks, which have a fairly low transfer rate in some cases.

All this is required by the “Desktop Window Manager” or “dwm.exe” which is responsible for loading the desktop and all the programs that have been indicated to launch at startup. When it is unable to load everything and leave it ready for use, it is when the process of loading the “login” never ends.

Other reasons why this can happen, if we discard all of the above, in the event that we have surplus performance for everything, is that some file, service or process of the system is corrupt.

For this we will follow the next steps with the possible solutions that will prevent this from happening again in the long term:

Recommendation: It is recommended to execute all possible commands and perform the relevant actions on our equipment, executing the safe mode .

Repair the system with SFC and Chkdsk

These two commands have the function of analyzing the system for errors that interfere with its correct operation and solve it. Some of those errors could come from corrupt system files .

To execute the following commands we will follow these instructions.

We open the system command console (cmd):

Start> CMD> Run as administrator.

Once inside we will execute the following command lines:

  • System file checker or SFC: sfc / scannow

It will start to scan the system for damaged files, we can wait for it to finish or leave it in the background.


  • Windows Disk Check Tool or Chkdsk command: chkdsk / f / r

It will tell us that we already have the disk in use, since the previous command is already analyzing the system. But we tell you to analyze it later, we wait for the previous one to end and restart.


Manual system repair

Another option we have is the manual repair of the system, which is available in the advanced options. This action is automatically executed when the equipment occurs, it suddenly shuts down continuously. So the system detects it as a failure and executes this mode to solve it.

Now we will do the same, but manually, we will execute this menu, and we will only have to follow the steps that indicate us to solve the problem. We will execute the “Troubleshoot” mode and we will have the advanced options available. We will do the following:

  • Press the Shift + Restart key ( Restart button available at System Start)
  • It will restart and open the menu> Troubleshoot> Advanced options> Startup repair

Once followed these steps that will take us to the next example where we will press enter to start and follow the steps that indicate us.


Create a new administrator account

Other options are to create an administrator account , with this we will avoid certain configuration that the previous account has and that may be preventing it from working correctly. We will also prevent many programs from being installed and running on that account. We must delete the previous account.

With this, it is very likely that we lose the information contained in the previous account and many of the installed programs as well. Unless we have installed it for all users, in that case it will be preserved.

Restore the system

We can restore the system by following the same procedure we follow in the “Startup Repair” only this time we will click on “System Restore” . With this, what we will do is use a restore or backup point that the system has, and we will go back to the configuration, programs and information that we had before.

Important: We will lose all that information, which was not stored before the date of creation of the restore or backup point.

As shown in the following photo, we will click on the “System Restore” button and follow the steps. We will select the backup that suits us.

Restaurar sistema

Once this is done, we can now log in normally.