The Best Apps to Meet People and Make New Friends 2019-2020

Whether in our home, our workplace or online, we often seek to interact with other people and find new friends with whom to make plans, chat or have a good time. But we all know that finding real friends is not easy.

Fortunately, thanks to social networks and especially apps to connect with people from around the world, meeting new people is much simpler. However, the Google Play Store is full of similar applications and not all of them are as effective nor safer. How to know what app to install on your mobile with Android?apps-to-make-friends

In today’s article we are going to offer you a complete list with which we consider the best applications to make new friends that we like the most. Leave solitude aside and start creating plans right now thanks to them.

10 Best Apps to Meet New People and Make New Friends in 2020

MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People

MeetMe is an excellent free application with which you can chat and meet friends who are very close to your home or your location. It currently has more than 100 million registered people around the world and its popularity continues to grow on Google Play.


The operation of MeetMe is mainly based on its chat function. To do this you will have to register in this social network, create your profile and start searching in its user database. Among the data that people share you will find their age, sex and location in addition to answers to questions generated by users and all kinds of information about interests, hobbies or rhythm of life.

Once you find someone you want to meet, send him a smile and wait for him to contact you to start chatting. It’s that easy to start what can become a beautiful friendship.


Meetup: Find events near you

Meetup is another great application to meet new people that is based on a fundamental aspect within any friendship: find someone with your same interests. In this way you will always have the certainty that regardless of how the person is, you will always have something to talk about.

Meetup works very differently from any other app on this list. And instead of showing user profiles you will find meetings or meetings of people with your same interests within your locality. So, you will find local groups and events related to musical groups, language clubs, reading enthusiasts, video game lovers and a host of activities.

One of the strengths of Meetup is that since it is a search engine for events and similar hobby groups, you will always have the security of being surrounded by a community similar to you. In addition, if you do not find any event that you like you can create your own and see how little by little members are joining it.

Finally, just add that Meetup allows you to chat with the members who will attend the event, so if you have been maintaining contact with them you will not be so surprised to cross words with them the first time. Do you dare to try it?


Timpik Connecting Sport People

Do you like sports? Timpik is an application designed for you to make friends and find partners with whom to enjoy group sports. This has thousands of users and was the winning app of the renowned AppCircus contest in its edition in Barcelona.

Timpik was born with the idea that you can find people close to your town or home to enjoy any sporting activity. For example, imagine that you are a tennis lover but you cannot find a partner to challenge a match. Just open Timpik and look for a friend to do some math with.

Using Timpik is as simple as opening an account and searching for games or events related to sports that are close to you. If you see that there is none, create your own and manage the profiles of those users who want to be part of it.

It is important to underline that if you create an event in Timpik you will have total control over it. That is, you will control who to play with, create the teams and even decide who can see or attend the game. Ideal for any athlete.



Geokeda is another excellent application to organize hangouts and meetings between people who have similar tastes or hobbies to yours. This is defined as a non-virtual social network, where in order to interact and share experiences you will have to leave home and create a human connection.

To start using Geokeda it will be necessary to open a completely free account with the platform, create your profile and start investigating what events are near your location. You will find them of all kinds, from hangouts to watch movies to the movies, go hiking, play soccer games, make language exchanges or just go out for coffee.

As you can imagine, Geokeda’s strong point is its ease of use and also the fact that regardless of where you are, you can find plans to hang out.


Hobbiespot – Meet people who share your hobbies

If none of the above applications convinces you but you are interested in the idea of ​​finding people similar to your tastes and hobbies, we recommend that you take a look at Hobbiespot.

With thousands of users in its database, Hobbiespot offers a wide range of activities and plans where you can meet people completely similar to you. In this way you will find it easy to find a partner with your same musical tastes, love for sports or with whom to spend long hours playing video games.

Using Hobbiespot is very simple, simply open an account with your email or Facebook address and choose your favorite hobbies from their categories. Below you will see all the nearby plans that fit your tastes, accompanied by date, distance or if they are free. Sign up for them and enjoy an evening in the best company.


Couchsurfing Travel App

Couchsurfing is a perfect application not only if you are a traveler, but also if you are looking to meet and live with friends from around the world.

As the name implies, Couchsurfing is an app that aims to find a friend in the locality you want and that this allows you to stay at home to spend a few days. Although this may seem dangerous at first, the application and service have been in operation for many years with excellent results.

Couchsurfing allows you to become a host or guest of your future friends and meet new cultures and languages ​​firsthand. Do you dare to try it?


SKOUT – Meet, Chat, Go Live

Skout is an application that allows you to meet people close to where you live or anywhere in the world. This is perfect especially among travelers or if you are planning to spend a few days outside the city and want to make new friends.

Skout has an interface very similar to Facebook, so it will be very easy to get used to it if you are fond of the social network. You just need to download the app, create your profile, add the photographs you think are necessary and start looking for friends all over the world.

As an interesting point, Skout is not only a good app to find friends, but many users also use it to find a partner. In fact, the application includes a button precisely intended for flirting or flirting with a user that makes you tinkling.

Skout is a completely free application but it has a premium version (Skout +) that is paid and offers many more options to connect with potential friends.


Bottled – Message in a Bottle

If you were dreaming of finding a message in a bottle and starting a beautiful friendship with someone on the other side of the planet, you’ll love Bottled.

Thanks to this application you can meet friends from around the world through their messages and bottled dreams. The magic of Bottled is that this message will be distributed by real sea currents, so the result would be the closest thing to leaving a bottle floating in the sea.

Once you receive your first message in the bottle you can decide whether or not to keep this letter. If you want to keep it you can get in touch with the user and start chatting with him. While it is not the most common way to meet friends, it is true that it has a special charm to think that a message sent at random can bring two people together.

In addition to being a completely free and quite charming application, Bottled also offers mini-games of questions and answers and the possibility of seeing the whereabouts of your bottle in real time.


Airtripp:Free Foreign Chat

Airtripp is a social network designed to connect users from around the world and get a friendship between them. How to get this? Very simple: thanks to a machine translation system!

Airtripp is an excellent application for planning trips or if you are simply a curious mind that seeks to know new cultures and ways of thinking. With users from more than 250 countries around the world and excellent results, it is a perfect app to open anyone’s horizons.

One of the interesting points of Airtripp is that in addition to being a perfect application to find like-minded friends anywhere on the planet, it is also ideal for finding companions with whom to make a trip.



To finish the list of applications to find friends you cannot miss Facebook. And although Zuckerberg social network does not need any presentation, it is an excellent bet to find people related to your tastes, not only near home but around the world.

To start using Facebook simply open your free account (click here for it), create your profile and download the app . From it you can find friends through their groups and also thanks to interesting options such as their recommendations.

In addition to being able to share states and chat with other users through its walls, Facebook is accompanied by Messenger, an application to chat with which you will always be in touch with the people you love.


We hope that our list of applications to make friends and meet new people has helped you. Do you use any that is not in our selection? Share it with us in the comments section!