BrowsingHistoryView: manage the history of all browsers

data-securityThe current web browsers that we use almost daily, are full of functions and features that help us with them every day. This is something that we can verify in proposals as popular as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, among others.

In addition to all these features, these applications so widespread at this time store a growing amount of information from its users. While this is done to improve the user experience, many consider it as a violation of their privacy. That is why the developers of these browsers in turn propose us customizable solutions to work with that own information, such as preventing the history from being saved .

But at the same time we can use third-party programs precisely focused on this type of “cleaning” work. This is the case that we are going to talk about in these lines, BrowsingHistoryView , app that you can download from here . Specifically, we refer to a portable application for Windows that we can use to view the browsing history of all the browsers you use, in a single interface .

Manage browsing history from BrowsingHistoryView

In this way we will have at our disposal the information related to the personal history of browsers such as Chrome, Firefox , Internet Explorer, Safari, Edge Chromium , among many others. In fact, the program itself has just been updated, introducing support for new proposals such as the aforementioned Microsoft software. To say that we do not need to install them in the operating system, and that we also have a 32-bit version and a 64-bit version.

BrowsingHistoryView opciones

As soon as the program is started, the selectable options with which we wish to work in this direction appear. In this way we will have the possibility to select both the browsers and the period of time with which we will work. In this way, then and instantaneously, in the program window we will see all the history of the indicated programs appear . How could it be otherwise, in principle these will be separated by the icon corresponding to each browser

This will allow us to be able to manage with everyone, these entries in a much more direct and fast way, also from a single interface . Of course, at the same time we can customize the way of viewing the results obtained by simply clicking on the header of the columns. Thus, at a glance we find the URL stored in the history, its title, the date of visit, the times we have accessed, the browser, the type of link, etc.

View all websites visited in your browsers in a single window

As it is easy to imagine, all this helps us to get an overview of all the sites visited in the selected browsers. But of course, we can also delete everything we want to delete from these histories, export the entries to an HTML file, or open the link directly from here.


All this is something we do from the context menu of the same program. But yes, we must know that there is no option to restore the records of the browsing history once deleted.

To say that it is increasingly common to use several browsers simultaneously, depending on the type of work to be done on the Internet . Therefore, this is an application that will help us to manage in a more efficient way the records stored by all of them. At the same time it will help us to see the websites we visit the most, when we do it, etc; all from a single very intuitive interface.