Windows 11 will run faster over Ethernet and WiFi

Windows 11 is right around the corner. There is barely a month left to install the new Microsoft operating system, which will not be without controversy. The system will lose many functions of Windows 10, but in return it will gain many others. Now, one has been unveiled that will affect the speed of sharing files over the network.

The latest build 22449 of Windows 11 fixes a bug in one of the hidden functions of Windows 11 that will make the system work faster. This function is Server Message Block (SMB) , which will be integrated into the operating system, and which is designed to speed up file transfers on local networks, being an interesting reason to install Windows 11.

Windows 11 will run faster over Ethernet and WiFi

Faster network file transfers

If you have a NAS or transfer files over your local network , this feature will help you a lot. With it, Microsoft claims that the need to have to ” deflate ” a file with an application, copy it, and then re-inflate it at the destination is eliminated. As a result, compressed files will consume less bandwidth and take less time to complete the transfer, in exchange for increased CPU usage during transfers.

The function was only used in Windows 11 for large files, but with the latest build 22449 this function is already applied also so that small files also receive compression to send faster. Typically, transferring thousands of small files is slower than transferring a single large file, as this file is often stored in continuous blocks , and small files are scattered across storage drives, which increases storage. access time, as well as the waiting time to start transferring them over the network.

Until now, when a file transfer was initiated, the algorithm compressed the first 500 MB. Then it would check if at least 100MB had been compressed in that 500MB range. If that had happened, it continued, and if not, it stopped compressing. Now, the algorithm is no longer present, and it will already compress any file regardless of size, which will speed up any type of transfer no matter how small.

subsystem for android

Regarding Android apps in Windows 11 , we will still have to wait a few months. However, Microsoft is already working on integrating the functionality, and in fact the Windows Subsystem for Android appears in the Microsoft Store, but it is only available for developers, since it does not install anything for other users.