List of retro games for Mac computers: the best selection

Although Macs are work teams, you can also take a break to play a video game that can be found in the Mac App Store. One of the most sought after genres lately is retro to be able to revive games that were played several years ago. In this article we show you the best options

List of retro games for Mac computers

What to look for in retro games?

There are many options that can be found right now in the Mac Store. As we have mentioned before, when we refer to retro games, they are those that have an ‘old’ concept as their core and that were played with enough intensity several years ago. Fortunately, the video game industry evolves and also affects these retro games that a few years ago were quite simple due to the technological limitations that existed with this type of game, such as PAC-MAN.

Currently it can become difficult to play a game that is old because of the design it has or the way it is played. This is why it should be really important to look for retro games that have been updated and a bit modernized. This will allow you to unlock different memories of when you played one of the classic games but with a modern touch. This is what we have tried to bring to this compilation list.

Retro games from Apple Arcade

Apple‘s gaming service, called Apple Arcade, includes numerous game options in different categories. One of them is the retro one where you can find some really interesting options in the case of the Mac. We will show you below.

PAC-MAN Party Royale

pac man

A classic among the classics that has now been aesthetically renewed with this version that is available in Apple Arcade. It aims to challenge the entire world with this option for instant fun by including a multiplayer experience. Includes a Battle Arena mode with up to four players to take on players from all over the world.

Like many other Battle Royale, you must destroy all the mazes to be the last PAC-MAN standing. You can play with friends or share the screen by connecting four different controllers to the Mac. Like the free version, in order to gain much more speed you must eat PAC-DOTS and chase the booster ball so that the ghosts and your friends flee in terror from the booster random you have.



Everyone has played Tetris at some point, being a classic and mythical game that has known how to adapt to current times. Now you can enjoy this retro version with innovative rhythmic mechanics. The game has a select and varied list of musicians to give rise to an extensive soundtrack that will help you play Tetris in a much more enjoyable way on your own Mac.

In Tetris Beat players must rotate and drop the tetriminos to the beat of the music while keeping it to build the biggest combo chain and score a lot of points. Tetris fans looking for the usual gaming experience, you can try the marathon mode where you can choose the right music and perform the retro in the shortest possible time.

Payment alternatives for Mac

In the event that you do not want to pay for the Apple Arcade service in the Mac App Store you can find games that with a payment you can fully enjoy without any type of advertisement. We show you the best options below.



This game has an aesthetic and also a game mechanic that is very similar to the classic PAC-MAN. Run for your life through the colorful neon mazes in front of you. Of course, you will not be alone all this way since you will be chased by countless and always vigilant security forces. That is why you simply have to be creative when playing.

Play stealthily so you can avoid encounters, set traps for enemies, or just run as fast as you can in front of your eyes. You must learn to discover how to defeat the system and destroy your captors in 32 different levels that are full of action. That is why, although we are dealing with a PAC-MAN, the concept has been completely redesigned.

Developer: David Peroutka

Hoggy 2

Take control of Hoggy and Hogatha, two adorable slime casts, on a quest to rescue their children from the Moonmen. Slime molds are sticky… so every time you jump, you get stuck to the ceiling! Use this gravity shift skill to conquer over two hundred unique levels as you search for enough keys to reach the moon!

Each level is completely unique and handcrafted. Many contain workarounds for unlocking secrets and stars. Make your way through the world and reach the moon, where you will face boss battles that are unlike anything you have previously played. Without a doubt, it is a really interesting experience that we recommend playing if you are a fan of video game history.

Developer: Raptisoft



If you are a video game fan, in Evoland you will find an authentic adventure that has graphics that undoubtedly take you to another era. Evoland is a journey through the history of action / adventure games that allows you to unlock new technologies and game systems and graphic updates as you progress. That is, the game is set at different times in the development of video games.

Although at first you can see a highly pixelated graphic style, different aesthetic changes will be unlocked. The game is inspired by many cult series that have left their mark on RPG culture. Evoland takes you from monochrome to full 3D graphics and active-time battles to boss fights.

Free options

But it is not always necessary to pay to enjoy incredible games on a Mac. In the Store you can find different options for which you do not have to pay anything and then we will show you them.

Explode bricks

Explode Bricks

A classic among the classics is this game that, although very simple, can become tremendously addictive. Although it is known here as Explode Bricks, it is probably more familiar to you to call it Ping Pong. Although it is true that this version does not include multiplayer mode since you will have to limit yourself to playing with the machine itself.

As you can see, this is a game that is very simple since it is based on a series of blocks at the top that must be destroyed. The destruction is done with a simple ball that is bouncing off a surface at the bottom. This is the one that you will have to move so that you collide with the ball and go back up to destroy these blocks. In the event that the ball falls into the void you will lose a life and you will not pass the level.

Classic Snake


Another classic game that will surely take you back to your childhood as well. It is a classic game where you will control a snake that must eat all the objectives that lie ahead. As they feed, their size will increase but this is not a positive thing. The game ends the moment it collides with a surface.

When trying to avoid the walls, when you have a snake of a considerable size you may end up colliding with your own body. Obviously eating yourself makes the game completely over. Keep in mind that this option is fully customizable to be able to choose the map and also the growth rate you want it to have.



This game, although it is much less well known, has a very good review and is also retro. The main objective is to slide the white circle that you will find on the screen through a maze in order to collect the blue coins. Obviously it is not something easy since there will be many obstacles that you will have to avoid throughout the game.

To be able to move you must use the arrow keys and solve this puzzle as quickly as possible that is really minimalist. In a native way, the developers integrate a total of 100 different and really complicated levels. Although you can create your own levels and share them with other people.

Developer: Tobias Brieger

Which do we recommend?

There are many options that we have reflected throughout this article, but without a doubt we are left with two of them. The first is Classic Snake for being a mythical game that was present in the oldest mobiles. But now they have wanted to transfer it to the future with a design change but keeping the essence of preventing you from eating yourself even if you have a great length.

Second, the PAC-MAN Party Royale should also be recommended as it embodies a complete redesign of the way PAC-MAN is played. You can join with friends of yours or with people from all over the world to be able to have fun catching each other. In short, the famous Battle Royale is captured, for example in Fortnite but now in the PAC-MAN with the aim that you are the last to stand on the entire map that is heavily guarded.