Windows 11 explores a strange function: hide date and time

Microsoft‘s launch of its new operating system is not without controversy and errors. At the same time, the company is exploring quite curious features that leave no one indifferent, such as integrated RGB management. The last one is that Windows 11 could add the function to hide the date and time from the bottom bar.

There are quite a few controversies regarding the new Windows 11. What has bothered the most are the important limitations in terms of compatible processors. Including TPM 2.0 among the mandatory requirements has generated quite a few controversies. Even though it is focused on gaming, the latest updates have generated some performance problems.

Windows 11 explores a strange function

Losing track of time thanks to this update

Even if you have never entered a casino, you will know that they have two characteristics focused on losing track of time. Casinos lack windows and clocks, with the intention that we lose track of time. This is focused on the user spending as much time as possible playing and losing their money.

One of the new features that Microsoft is exploring for its latest operating system is similar. Apparently, they are working on a feature that allows you to hide the clock and date from the Windows bar.

As discovered by the Twitter user, @PhantomOfEarth, he has discovered this new function. Allows you to hide the date and time from the Windows 11 bar. You have discovered the strings related to “hide the clock on the taskbar”, “hide the time and date in the system tray”, and “turn this on to hide the time and date information in the corner of the taskbar”.

Windows 11 desactivar fecha hora

The feature has been discovered in Build 25300 , deployed to the Insiders program. The function is not active , but signs of this new function have been detected. Microsoft may be exploring this feature and developing it, but it is not available. Although we have already seen a simulation of how the Windows bar would look with this function active.

Be careful, because despite this, it is possible that this function will never end up arriving. You may be considering adding this feature in Windows 11, simply. It is still a poll, since it was evident that someone would detect this and it would end up knowing.

sistema operativo Windows 11 nuevas funciones

March will be an important month for Windows 11

We should note that Windows 11 22H2 Moment 2 update is scheduled to be released in March. This is one of the big update packages that usually adds a lot of new features. Among others, it is expected that it will already add the new centralized function to manage the RGB lighting of the system.

In addition, we will see a lot of news. Many new features and new widgets are expected. We should also see improvements in the Snipping Tool application, which allows screen recording. Power application functions should also be added within Settings, among others.

We recommend, as always, have automatic updates disabled and wait to update. We already know that new updates usually have a huge amount of problems. It is advisable to wait a reasonable time so as not to encounter different problems and conflicts, which we will see for sure.