Track your purchases directly from Gmail

Everything related to electronic commerce is more in use than ever. All this thanks to the huge number of online stores available and the security systems that they offer us by default when making our purchases .

In fact, at this moment we can affirm that through the Internet we have the possibility of buying almost anything. The truth is that there are certain stores worldwide that have established themselves as industry leaders. But even small physical stores have launched into this digital sector to offer their products to any interested potential buyer. To be successful here, several factors come into play such as the design of the web, its security, of course the prices, and the logistics in terms of its shipments.

Track your purchases directly from Gmail

Although it may seem somewhat inconsequential at first, shipping and returns management is something that we are increasingly considering. This is precisely perhaps one of the secrets to Amazon ‘s success, which on many occasions allows us to comfortably receive our purchases at home in a matter of hours. In fact, right now there are many online stores that allow us to monitor the status of our orders practically in real time.

Obviously this requires advanced logistics, something that most of the customers of these shopping platforms appreciate. At this point we can affirm that Google itself tries to help us in this regard, since it is fully aware of the enormous growth in purchases and the need for package tracking . We tell you all this because we have the possibility of carrying out this follow-up through our mail manager, Gmail.

You can track your purchases online from Google mail

The first thing to keep in mind is that this is a feature that is disabled by default in Gmail . This means that, in order to track our orders in real time from here, we will have to put the feature into operation. To do this, we only have to access the official application that we have installed on our mobile, be it Android or iOS , and access its configuration window from the Settings section.

paquetes Gmail

Now we only have to scroll in this window that offers us a multitude of configurable parameters until we locate the entry called Shipment tracking. We will see that it is deactivated by default, so we can now put it into operation. Basically, and after activating this functionality, from now on when we open an email with details of a shipment that we have made, we will see the information corresponding to it directly.

This is located at the top of the email, as long as it includes a link or purchase tracking number. Obviously, this tracking number as a general rule refers to the delivery status, something that we can now consult directly from Gmail. At the same time, the Google email manager automatically detects the tracking numbers and also informs us from the app’s inbox. This way we will see first-hand the status of the shipment and the easiest estimated delivery date.