Window TopMost Control: Set Any Window on Top of the Others

Sometimes it is likely that using our computer we are constantly using several programs at the same time, so that we end up joining windows, tabs and applications everywhere, without being able to keep what is really important in the foreground in a fixed way, speeding up our work. For this, today we are going to talk about Window TopMost Control .

What is and how to use Window TopMost Control

window topmost control

Window topMost Control is a simple application that will allow us to keep any window of an application in Windows in the foreground , staying above all others. This can be especially useful when we work with many windows at the same time and we want to always have one in the foreground. For example, if we are writing in Word and at the same time we are watching a live broadcast, we can fix it so that it is visible in the foreground, while we write.

Once the application is running we can see its icon in the Windows control panel. If we click on it with the right button we can see the Options of the program. In the Windows List section we will find all the windows that we have open. If we want any window to stay at the top, we simply have to select it from the list.

Panel de Opciones de Window TopMost Control

As an alternative, if we do not want to use the application menu, we can use a shortcut by pressing “Ctrl + High + Space” to lock the selected window, and it will be shown at the top. If we want to unlock it, we simply have to select it again and press the shortcut again. Otherwise, we would right click on the application icon in the taskbar and uncheck the selected program

Ejecutando Window TopMost Control

Window TopMost allows us to customize the software according to our needs, admitting command line options, as you can see in the image below. Through the cmd tool and using the following command line we can fix any window in the foreground of the screen.


/ S : Sets an always fixed window on top
/ R : Delete a window that is always on top
/ L : Sets a list of fixed windows at the top

Linea de comandos en Window TopMost Control

Download Window TopMost Control

Window TopMost Control is a free application, which does not contain any type of virus or advertising nor will it install additional applications. We can download it directly and quickly from the developer’s website , since it occupies less than 1 MB . The program is compatible with: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Xp – (x86 & x64)

Alternatives to Window topMost Control

Window TopMost Control is a useful application to keep any window in the foreground, but if for any reason you are not convinced, we suggest some alternatives :

  • Autohotkey : this is an application that will keep any window of any application fixed in Windows. You can download it for free from here .
  • Pip Tool: it is a tool that has a very simple and minimalist interface, which will allow us to bring to the foreground and fix any window that we are using in Windows. It is a free application that we can download from this link .
  • Window On Top: it is a small software that will allow us to always have an application window permanently fixed in the foreground. It is a paid application that has a cost of $ 9.95, having a trial version that we can download from its website .