DriverBackup: Create and Restore Driver Backups

Having a backup of the drivers is a good idea on certain occasions, especially if we have in mind to perform a new installation of our operating system. Having a backup of our drivers will avoid any inconvenience or problem that may arise during the process and that may cause more than a headache. Therefore, today we are going to talk about DriverBackup! , a tool with which we can make a backup of all our controllers.

What is and what is DriverBackup!

driver backup

DriverBackup! is a powerful free application, fast and easy to use to perform all kinds of backup , restoration and removal of our drivers installed on the system. It has automatic restore from CD / DVD, route formatting and an interactive command line generator. In this way, in case that when reinstalling the operating system and there were any problems with the drivers, we could reinstall them.

Among its features it stands out for not needing installation, being able to make the copies of the drivers without being connected to the Internet, being compatible with 64-bit systems. It also automatically generates files so that they can automatically generate the restoration of the drivers. We can make a backup of the video, audio, network, Bluetooth drivers, among other system components.

Using DriverBackup! It is simple despite being completely in English , so it can be used by all kinds of users.

Backup with DriverBackup!

When we run DriverBackup! The main menu will appear, with a well-organized interface. At the top, we will have some filters like All , which will show us all the system drivers. We can also see only the drivers that are installed by default in Windows in the OEM option. Finally, we can show the drivers that have been manually installed in Third Party .

Filtrar drivers con DriverBackup!

To create our backup copy of our drivers, click on the Backup function that we will find at the top of the interface. Here we will see a list of all the drivers, so we must select all the ones that interest us and click on the Start Backup button. Next, a new window will open where the drivers that we are going to save will appear and enter a path where we want to host them. Finally, we will click on Start Backup to start the backup

Restore a backup

To restore a backup with DriverBackup! we must click on the Restore option, at the top of the main menu. Next, we will mark the backup that we want to restore from the Open Backup File button. Once we have selected the backup from the path where we had it saved, all the drivers will appear on the screen.

Seleccionar copia de seguridad

To restore all the drivers, we only have to press the Restore button and all the copies made will begin to be restored. The time it will take to perform the operation will depend on both the power of our equipment and the number of controllers that we are going to restore. Once finished, we will only have to restart the computer and we will have all the drivers correctly restored.

Pulsar Restore para iniciar la restauración

Download DriverBackup!

DriverBackup! It is a completely free application that we can download from its website . This tool is free of any advertising or unwanted software and we can take it anywhere as it is a portable format.

Alternatives to DriverBackup!

With DriverBackup! We can make a backup copy of all the drivers installed on our system, but we can also choose other alternatives such as:

  • Free Driver Backup : is a tool with which we can make backup copies of all Windows drivers , as well as cookies, Microsoft Edge favorites and the registry. You can download it completely free from this link .
  • DL Driver Updater : is a program that will automatically detect all the hardware on our computer, as well as all available updates. You can download it for free from here .
  • Driver Genius: is a powerful software with which we can scan our computer for outdated drivers, being able to be updated, as well as make a backup copy. It is a free tool that you can download from the developer’s website .
  • DriverMax: is an application with which we can scan our computer for obsolete drivers, download and install them keeping our PC always up to date. It also supports backup of all drivers. This program is completely free and can be downloaded from its website.
  • Driver Easy : it is a tool that will be in charge of detecting, downloading and solving all the problems that we have with the drivers of our computer. It also allows you to schedule scans and install and remove drivers as we may be interested. It can be downloaded for free from this link .