Winaero Tweaker Review: All the Secret Windows Options at Your Fingertips

Windows is full of options and functions of all kinds that allow us to configure, customize and even optimize our PC. Many of these options and functions are available within the Settings menu, and anyone can modify them at will. However, the operating system also has other options designed for more advanced users that are more complicated to locate and configure, requiring special programs or registry changes. Luckily, we have Winaero Tweaker , an all-in-one tool to customize, configure and optimize Windows.

Making certain adjustments to our operating system often requires advanced knowledge, some risks (for example, when modifying the Windows registry) or the use of third-party programs, many of them of doubtful reliability.


Winaero wanted to simplify this whole task to the fullest. These developers already had several independent programs that allowed users to make certain changes and certain configurations in the operating system. Each of these tools was focused primarily on a purpose.

Winaero Tweaker is a complete tool created in order to unify all the programs offered by these developers in a single universal tool. In this way, users can have all the options in one place, in addition to finding additional functions and features to be able to have complete control over the operating system.

All we can do

Winaero Tweaker has an infinite number of functions and features that will allow us to fully squeeze our Windows operating system. This program has a fairly simple interface to understand and use. On the left side of it we can find each and every one of the sections of the program, while on the right we can see the options of each section.

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Change the appearance of Windows

The first two sections that we can find in this program are ” Appearance” and ” Advanced Appearance Settings” . From these two sections we will be able to configure everything related to the appearance of our Windows. We will find from simple and simple options, such as activating Aero Lite, changing the appearance of the Alt + Tab menu or adjusting the colors of our theme to much more advanced options such as adjusting the style of Windows icons, the appearance of the menus, the fountains and even the edges of the windows.

Adjust operating system behavior

The next section we are going to talk about is “Behavior”. While the two previous sections were focused mainly on the appearance of the operating system, it groups a series of tools designed to customize the operation of different elements of the operating system.

For example, we can configure options related to Windows ads and unwanted applications, schedule automatic backups of the Windows registry, customize chkdsk timeout, disable Aero features, such as Shake and Snap, disable updates to Windows Update, bug reports, hibernation, changing the sad face of the blue screen for a more informative screen (as always) and much more.

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Customize the boot and login

Then we come to the ” Boot and Logon ” section. Windows makes it very difficult for us to customize these aspects of the operating system, but thanks to Winaero Tweaker we can do it without any difficulty.

We can customize the appearance and behavior of the Windows boot, change and customize the login screen, force users to press Control + Alt + Delete to log in, hide the last user who used the PC, the image of login and much more

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Customize the desktop and taskbar

Within the “Desktop and Taskbar” section we will find a lot of functions and tools to customize the desktop and the taskbar of the PC. Among many other options, from this section we will be able to customize the action center, make a backup of the start menu, configure the warning balloons, adjust the appearance of Cortana, disable Live Tiles, web searches and more.

We will also be able to adjust the transparency of the Windows taskbar, the size of the thumbnails of the open windows, add a second hand to the clock, improve the quality of the wallpaper, show the version of Windows on the desktop and many more options.

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Configure the Windows context menu

The next section is ” Context Menu “. As the name implies, this section will allow us to configure everything related to this context menu. For example, the elements we want to appear, the possibility of adding an entry to CMD to open the console terminal quickly, maximum number of elements, security options, permissions, users and many more.

A section in which, without a doubt, it is worth having a good time exploring all your options.

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Settings and Control Panel

From the “Settings and Control Panel” section we will be able to configure some aspects of the Windows configuration and the control panel. The main thing is the ability to add or remove items to the Windows control panel.

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Customize the appearance of File Explorer

The “File Explorer” section allows us to find all kinds of settings for the Windows 10 File Explorer. For example, we can enable or disable the file selection boxes, hide the arrows of the compressed files, customize the libraries, the way the disks are shown, the navigation panel style and more.

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All Windows network options at your mouse’s reach

The “Network” section allows us to configure everything related to the Windows network options. For example, we will be able to configure shared folders and resources, change the default RDP port, configure our connection as a measured network and more.

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Configure user accounts

From the ” User Accounts ” section we will be able to configure various aspects related to the user accounts of our Windows session. For example, activate or deactivate the Windows Administrator account, deactivate the UAC or activate it for the Administrator account.

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Security is important: configure Windows Defender

The ” Windows Defender ” section includes several simple options for configuring the Windows 10 antivirus. For example, we can enable or disable the antivirus completely, enable protection against unwanted software, or enable or disable the system tray icon.

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Adapt Windows applications to your liking

The next section we are going to talk about is ” Windows Apps “. From it we will be able to configure the behavior and operation of many of the programs of Windows itself. For example, we will be able to configure the updates of the store, Cortana, activate the classic Paint or make the notebook compatible with the Unix format. We will also find options to configure and customize Internet Explorer and MS Edge.

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End the lack of privacy at a click

Privacy has been one of the problems that has been affecting Windows 10 since its launch in 2015. Therefore, from the ” Privacy ” section we will be able to configure this privacy. These options allow us, for example, to remove the button to reveal passwords, and even disable Windows telemetry completely.

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Create useful shortcuts

The next section is “Shortcuts” , and, as the name implies, it will allow us to create shortcuts to certain system functions (such as to shut down the PC), as well as customize other aspects related to these shortcuts. For example, the arrow of the icons or the possibility of creating shortcuts to open as administrator.

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Other tools to configure Windows

The “Tools” section allows us to quickly access a series of tools and options of the operating system itself. For example, we will be able to find the possibility to change the OEM information of our PC, work with the registry, reset the icon cache or reset the group policies to their default values. Very useful to solve problems with the PC.

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Download classic Windows applications and games

Finally, and probably one of the most interesting sections for many, we find the possibility of downloading classic Windows programs and games. We can reactivate the default Windows photo viewer, the classic calculator, the Windows 7 games and even the desktop gadgets. Everything from this program.

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Download Winaero Tweaker

Winaero Tweaker is a completely free program for all Windows users. To download it, all we have to do is access its website and download the latest version of the program from there.

This software is available for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 users. In addition, it is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

When we download the program, we unzip it and run the installation wizard. In one of the steps we can choose if we want to install it as a normal program or run it in a portable way so that, instead of being installed, it is only decompressed.

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As we can see, Winaero Tweaker is one of the best programs we can find to easily customize and configure our Windows operating system. In addition, all changes are completely safe and reversible; In case of getting tired of them, we can simply reverse the change from this same program so that it works again as it has always done.