Transmission Review: a Simple Torrrent Client to Download Quickly

Torrent clients to share files through P2P networks have become a regular for many years. Not in vain we have many software alternatives in the form of clients that serve us for all this. Among these we can highlight some as popular and used as is the case of uTorrent, qBittorrent or Transmission.

Initially, these clients for files in torrent format are largely associated with piracy of copyrighted content. But that is a mistake, because we must bear in mind that this is nothing more than a type of use that users make of these programs. Therefore, the applications we use to exchange files in this way, such as the one that concerns us in these lines, Transmission , are completely legal.


In fact, many of these proposals are open source, which means that in addition to legal, they are free and their code is available to everyone. Moreover, these clients are often used by companies to distribute their software projects, for example, this happens with Linux distributions . Therefore and due to its widespread use for many years, we are going to talk in these lines of one of the most popular, the aforementioned Transmission.

Main features of Transmission

As we told you, this is a free and open source program that has not stopped improving over time thanks to the collaboration of the users themselves. That said, if something characterizes this program ahead of the rest, it is one of the lightest proposals of this type. This means that, in principle, it hardly takes up space once we have downloaded and installed it on our disk drives .

Interfaz de Transmission

At the same time, when we start it, it could be said that it consumes less system resources than other programs of this type. But of course, everything mentioned is something that directly affects the customizable options that this proposal offers us. That is something that, depending on how you look at it, can be positive or negative. On the one hand, for those advanced users who want a torrent client that can adapt to their needs, this software falls short.

But of course, on the contrary we could say that for all those who do not want complications in this regard, Transmission is the perfect solution. With this we want to tell you that if you are looking to download and share torrents without further ado , this is the client you are looking for.

How to launch and load torrents on this client

Once we have downloaded the program as such and installed it on our computer, something that takes no more than a few seconds, we run it like any other application. It will be then, when we execute it, that the Transmission itself will ask us if we want to carry out a local or remote session. Therefore, in the beginning we opted for the first of the options that will lead us to the conventional discharge of torrents.

On the other hand, in the case that you want to use Transmission remotely, that is, from any Internet browser, here you can configure that remote session. In this way we will only have to specify the port that we will use for that connection , indicate a host name, and add a password, something that we recommend in all cases, for security.

Pantalla inicio Transmission

Drag magnet link to start downloading

Thus, once we have the simple user interface of the program on the screen, we will first see that we have the possibility of dragging magnet link directly to it. Then a new window will open that refers to that file that we are going to download to specify some parameters.

Arrastrar Transmission

In this way we will have the possibility to specify its priority, the folder where we want to save the downloads made, its source, or if we want to delete the source torrent. To say that this alternative will be especially useful for magnet links or direct URLs .

Download torrents in Transmission from the menu

However, we can also start the download process in a more traditional way, that is, through the menus if we already have the file. To do this in this case we are located in the File / Open menu option where we can already select the corresponding file from among the local disk drives. Once we have selected it, a new download customization window will appear on the screen.

abrir torrent

From it we will have the possibility to see the elements that make up the torrent that we are going to load in the program, to choose those that interest us. In the same way we can specify the disk folder so we want to save the selected items once they have been downloaded.

Optimize your downloads from program features

As we mentioned earlier, in this case we are facing one of the lightest and lightest torrent clients, something that affects the configuration options. It is true that Transmission does not have as many customizable functions as other proposals of this type, but it has some very interesting ones.

In fact, these will allow us to optimize the downloads that we carry out here, in addition to a simple way. And it is that in the download speed of torrents, in addition to the program we use as a client, other factors come into play. Here we must also take into account the connection we have available, or the bandwidth that we are going to assign to the program. Therefore, we recommend you take a look at the options available to configure this, all from the Edit / Preferences menu.

Preferencias cliente torrent

In this way, here we will have access to parameters that refer to the maximum upload and download speeds, behavior of the loaded torrent , or the encryption mode. As we see in the configuration window itself, the customization options are more limited than in other similar programs, but sufficient for most.

Customize the download display mode

One of the advantages that Transmission presents us in this sense and from the same interface , are the wide possibilities that it offers us when it comes to visualizing what we are downloading. And in many cases we can find that we are downloading a good amount of torrents, so we must specify how to see them on the screen.

Ver torrents

Therefore, for all this we recommend that once you have them up and download in the program, you are in the menu option View. Here we find a good amount of display modes that will be of great help in certain cases .

How to download Transmission to our computer

After all that we have told you, you may want to take a first-hand look at this client for torrent files . Therefore, in case you want to download Transmission safely from its official website, you can do it from this link .

Thus, here you will see the corresponding links to the 32-bit or 64-bit version for Windows , that of macOS, for different distributions of Linux , servers, or the source code of the software itself.