Will PS5 backwards compatibility improve?

PS5 backwards compatibility has always been an important topic. It is true that Sony‘s most recent console is compatible with the vast majority of games from its predecessor, the PS4, but that’s where it stays. However, it seems that those who are eager to tap into their library of older games have seen a glimmer of hope. It is not yet known if it is the signal that many are waiting for, or just a strange coincidence, but we will tell you all the details about the event that has made many think that the backward compatibility of the PlayStation 5 will be extended.

Will PS5 backwards compatibility improve

Whether you have a huge library of games from your old PS3, or you’re into the nostalgia that is so fashionable, you may have wished that the PlasyStation 5’s backwards compatibility was a little better and covered up to the third generation of the PS3. console.

Well, your prayers may have been heard.

Will you be able to play PS3 games on PS5?

At the moment, we are all quite clear that not today, but there is a possible ray of hope .

The weekend of January 15 something happened that no one expected. A small selection of PlayStation 3 games appeared, price included, on the PS5 version of the PlayStation Network .

Juegos de la PS3 en la PSN

This event, reported by Jordan Middler for Video Games Chronicle , has raised the hope of fans that the backward compatibility of the PS5 increases and can reach that legendary third generation, whose catalog of already classic games is spectacular.

Of course, at the moment, PS5 users cannot buy any of the games that have suddenly appeared. These include legendary titles, including those from some mythical sagas, such as Prince of Persia or Dead or Alive

These games are available on the PlayStation Now service, but, in theory at least, they shouldn’t be listed as titles you can buy on the PlayStation Network .

Bug or sign from heaven about PS5 backwards compatibility?

This has led many to believe that it may be a sign that they will be available soon , or that Sony is preparing to extend that backwards compatibility to its flagship console.

Others, however, believe that it is a simple error in the store , another of the glitches that it has presented on more than one occasion, with which everything would be a disappointment, the result of a casual error.

In any case, it is one more grain of sand in the castle that many PlayStation users are building. To this are added the facts that, apparently, Sony would be preparing its own subscription service (of course, now everything is subscription and the most profitable for companies), that they have registered a backward compatibility patent not long ago and that, making the huge library of PS3 games available would be a huge financial incentive.

At the end of the day, it would be to collect again without the need to do anything new.

For the moment, that’s where the thing remains, in rumors . We will see if all the candles that PS5 users have set to extend backward compatibility bear fruit, or finally it is nothing.