Disney movies that look like Pixar…but aren’t

Disney movies that look like Pixar

Few are the animation studios that dare to confront Pixar . A few years ago, Dreamworks, founded by Steven Spielberg, could be considered a rival to Pixar after releasing movies like Shrek 2 . However, the progression of Pixar Animation Studios has not stopped since it was acquired by Disney in 2006. Since then, Walt Disney Studios has not hesitated to use what it has learned from Pixar to launch films that imitate its style, both visually and in terms of style. way of narrating. All these movies that we are going to see next are not produced by Pixar, but they are very reminiscent of the Toy Story style.

Wreck it Ralph

Ralph Rompe Internet

The Wreck-It Ralph tape is a review of the world of video games , from the most arcade to the current titles. It tells the story of ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ , the villain of an 8-bit arcade game who gets tired one day of being the bad guy and escapes to other video games to find his place. Along the way, he will take all kinds of risks, because as he is constantly reminded, “if you die in a video game that is yours, you don’t spawn again “.

The movie wasn’t a huge hit, but it still had a sequel in 2018 called Ralph Breaks the Internet .


moana disney.

Published in Spain and Europe as Vaiana for reasons that you will find on the Wikipedia disambiguation page, this animated film for children takes us to Motunui Island three millennia ago. Its protagonist, a brave and adventurous teenager, has the mission of saving her people . The animation style is very similar to that of Pixar, however, it is a production carried out one hundred percent by Walt Disney Animation Studios .

Big Hero 6


Also from the same studio is Big Hero 6, and it is based on the homonymous work of Marvel Comics, becoming the first crossover between the Disney and Marvel animation studios. It even won an Oscar for best animated feature film in 2015. The style of the characters and the aesthetics of the film in general terms can be very reminiscent of Pixar’s The Incredibles.



Known as Zootrópolis in Spain, this animated feature film transports us to a world of anthropomorphic animals in which humans have never existed. The inhabitants of Zootopia live exactly the same as us, but they have their frictions marked by their own animal nature. After Big Hero 6 and Frozen, Zootopia is one of the great successes of Walt Disney Animation Studios .


encanto disney.

Charm is currently in theaters and also on Disney+. It is developed by the same team as Moana , and the character modeling is virtually identical. In this case, we will discover the secrets of the Madrigal family , fantastic individuals who have been blessed with the power of magic. One day, the magic of all the members of the family begins to disappear. Mirabel will be the only one who can help her loved ones, as she is the only one who, inexplicably, has never managed to develop magical powers.