Word games like Wordle and unlimited daily games

Wordle is one of the websites that has become most fashionable in recent weeks. This website offers us a daily challenge in which we must guess a 5-letter word in a maximum of 6 attempts by guessing its letters and their positions, trying other words with another 5 letters. An ideal website to take a break from the chaos of everyday life. But, unsurprisingly, when a platform succeeds, clones soon follow, both for better and for worse.

Word games like Wordle and unlimited daily games

In recent days we have been able to see a large number of web applications, and mobile applications, that imitate the operation of Wordle and that seek to take away a bit of the popularity that this new platform is having. There are some unscrupulous developers who are taking advantage of this success to release paid or ad-supported apps on the Android and iOS app stores. While others simply copy the idea, improve it, and offer us alternative platforms where, if we want, we can spend some time simply using our browser.

Meet some of the most curious.

Wordle +, the famous game for Windows

Wordle Plus

Easy, fast and simple. Download and install the famous Wordle on your computer and start playing without needing your web browser. This game is a port, as it is, of the original game in which we have to guess the 5-letter word in a maximum of 6 attempts. It is available for Windows 10 and Windows 11, and we can download it directly from the games section of the Microsoft Store. In addition, it is totally free and free of ads.

Developer: EasyBrom

Play from your browser with these alternatives

hello wordl

Hello Wordl

This alternative to Wordle has caught our attention, first of all, because of the name. And, the second, for how well it has been able to capture the essence of Wordl and improve it. The objective of this website is that we can play as many times as we want instead of just once a day. In addition, it allows us to choose the complexity of the word we want to guess, starting with a minimum of 4 letters up to a maximum of 11 letters. It even has a hard mode for those who need an extra challenge!

We can access this website from here . Also, it is OpenSource, so we can find its source code directly on GitHub. At the moment, it is only in English, although thanks to being an open source project, it would be easy both to port it to other languages, and to add languages to this same project.

Online Lingo

Online Lingo

This alternative takes its name from “Lingo”, the original idea that Wordle is also based on, an early 90’s TV game show in which contestants had to guess 5-letter words in 5 tries. This alternative allows us to guess words of 5 or 6 letters, but it has a much more loaded interface, and it reminds us too much of the typical Flash browser games.

Despite this, if we want to go a little further and try more words, we can play Online Lingo here . Of course, as in the previous case, it is only in English (and it does not seem to change).



Finally, we are going to see one of the most curious alternatives: ABSURDLE . The objective of this platform, explained above, is very similar to that of Wordle, but in reality it handles 2 word lists at the same time to confuse the user. The first list, made up of 2,315 words, are the ones we have to guess, but we can only do it using words from the second list, made up of more than 10,500 words that will never appear as an answer. In addition, it has a very evasive AI that will try by all means to extend our game.

We can enter to play ABSURDLE right now from that link. This alternative, now yes, uses words in Spanish (and in other languages).