Will I Get Wuhan Coronavirus if I Place an Order from China?

The world looks with fear and caution towards China , the world’s factory, due to the worrying situation generated by the Wuhan virus , belonging to the coronavirus family. This virus generates problems such as respiratory failure and severe pneumonia, and is transmitted with relative ease as another virus. But can we get it if we place an order from China ?

That is the fear that many people are having in recent days and that it is giving rise to many jokes on Twitter, saying that the Simpsons already predicted the contagion as in the chapter where Bart is bitten by a mosquito from China in a Krusty of toy, or when Homer makes an order to Japan and gets the flu.


Thus, it is very recurring to put videos and GIFs of the type “The coronavirus when opening my newcomer package from AliExpress”. However, the reality is much simpler and we have nothing to fear if we know how a virus is spread, and specifically how Wuhan is spread.

No, an order to China cannot infect you with the coronavirus

Viruses always require that there be some contact with the infected living being or its secretions, whether that being alive or not the symptoms. In the case of Wuhan’s, the virus is contagious even if the person is a carrier and has not yet developed the symptoms, which increases the ease of infection.

Thus, it is necessary that there is physical or close contact with the person, where a cough or a contact with saliva infects us with the virus. A particularity that viruses have is that, fortunately, they need a living being or a fluid to be transmitted. Once they come into contact with the environment, they die at most within a few hours in most cases, as is the case with Wuhan.

Therefore, if the packager of our order in China coughs while packing it, the virus will arrive more than dead in Spain after two or more weeks of travel . The life of a virus depends on the amount of virus and substance where they are present, as well as temperature, humidity or material. If it spits on a metal or plastic surface, the virus will last longer. On white surfaces such as fabrics, viruses last less active time.

virus china coronavirus wuhan pedidos

That is why we can usually get the flu or a cold if a person who has just coughed in his hand has used it to open a door that we later knocked after a few minutes or a few hours. One of the most frequent places of infection is usually public transport, where everyone puts their hands on the bars to grab while standing, or if someone is coughing nearby. Therefore, it is always convenient to wash your hands with soap and water or alcohol disinfectant.

Because of the ease of contagion between people in closed and crowded places, this is why public transport has closed in the affected cities of China, and it is also a reason that should reassure us here in Spain because it is almost impossible for us to get infected because in both weeks that the trip lasts, the possible liquid that contains the virus will have dried up.

Although eye with orders in 24 hours

Of course, if the order you have made has shipping within 24 hours when sent by plane, in that case you should take precautionary measures. If the order you place is plasticized and sealed and it has been a short time since your departure in China, you can leave it open to the air on a terrace for a whole day, where the air will dry the fluid and the changes in temperature and humidity will eventually break down any Possible virus.