The Best Apps to Resize Images on Android of 2020

resize-images-androidSmartphones are increasingly more versatile tools not only to enjoy in our leisure time, but also to work. In fact, many times we do not need to take a computer with us to do certain tasks that we could easily do with any mobile.

This, added to the fact that there is a growing variety of different applications and that are improving in terms of optimization and resources, leads to the fact that we always have in our pocket a small computer with which to do practically any task. One of these tasks is to resize an image , either to upload it to a social network, or to apply an appropriate format and use it later in a project . Therefore, we bring you a list of applications to resize images that work best on Android.

Best Android Apps to Resize and Compress Photos in 2020

Photo compress and resize

This application developed by Lit Photo allows us to resize images without losing quality . You can compress in batches and change their weight, in addition to offering us an outstanding ease of use. It is probably one of the best applications in the Play Store that are free to fulfill this function.

Developer: Lit Photo
Price: Free

Photoczip – compress resize

This application allows us to change the size of the images quickly thanks to the possibility of adding a widget on the mobile home screen to access the camera in one click and automatically be able to edit it with this application. It also has other functions such as converting PNG to JPG, adding watermarks , maintaining formats and compressing photographs to reduce their weight.

Developer: Eson Yu
Price: Free

Image Shrink—Batch resize

This app in its pro version, allows you to automatically delete duplicate images with a smaller size, allows you to adjust the size of several photos in batch and offers us a greater amount of resizing options for images. In addition, it allows to keep the GPS geolocation data that the photo had after editing it.

Developer: Olive Labs
Price: € 1.99

Resize Me! Pro – Photo & Picture resizer

With Resize Me! Pro, we can adjust the custom size to resize the image, allows us to rotate, crop and maintain JPEG or PNG formats, as well as EXIF tags. It also maintains the GPS data of the image and allows us to set it as a wallpaper from the same application. It is simple and easy to use.

Image Size – Photo Resizer

With this application we can adjust the size of the photos maintaining the fixed aspect ratio , or we can adjust the size freely. We can open images from the gallery or directly take a photo through the application. In addition, it allows us to share images quickly by mail or other means.

Developer: Codenia
Price: Free

Photo Compress 2.0 – Ad Free

This application is free , although it has a Pro version that unlocks some extra features . With the free version however, we can do most of the functions we need: compress, resize, crop, maintain quality, choose the image storage path, maintain different formats and extensions, and many other things. The limitation of this free version is that we can perform actions in batch up to a maximum of 10 photographs. In the case of the paid version, this is unlimited .


This app allows us to convert the format of resized images to JPG, PNG or even WEBP, in case we want to upload them to a blog or a web page on the Internet with a reduced weight and optimum quality. This application is the free version. We can purchase the pro version that exempts us from ads, template limits and does not limit us to batch conversion of images.

Photo & Picture Resizer: Resize, Batch, Crop

Thanks to this app, we can easily reduce the size of the photographs on our smartphone to send them more easily through platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram or even by mail. The app creates a new folder in the system where all edited images are saved, while the originals remain unchanged in the phone gallery. This app allows us to set predefined dimensions to quickly resize many photos and always maintain the same format, so it can be very useful at work.

Photo Resizer

With Photo Resizer we can change the size of the photos in 4 preset modes : 1024 × 768, 800 × 600, 640 × 480, 480 × 320, which are the most common when handling resolution images contained for websites and online platforms . It is simple and its use is very friendly and simple, so anyone can use the application even if they have no knowledge of how to do it. If we have an SD card , the application will take it as primary storage and create a folder with its name where it will save all the modified files.

Developer: Xllusion
Price: Free