Wifi 6, Dual GPS, NFC, 120Hz, what is most necessary in your new mobile?

When we go to buy a new mobile, if we are one of those who like to think a lot about what we invest our money in, we may be overwhelmed with so many interesting features. Today we want to shine some light on those questions that we ask ourselves about the best features for our new mobile.

Wifi 6, Dual GPS, NFC, 120Hz

Surely if you are here it is because you are in a sea of doubts choosing your new mobile. Manufacturers do not make it easy, far from it, and they tend to give some characteristics in some mobiles, and others in other models, and we rarely see all of them together in one.

It all depends on your needs and budget

The sure thing is something obvious, because if you want or be able to buy a mobile of a thousand euros or more, surely you would not be here choosing which components to sacrifice.

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Well, as we say, everything depends on the use that we are going to give the phone. A mobile that we use on a daily basis, to chat, surf the Internet or play casual games, is not the same as doing it with Triple A games, editing photos or videos, playing streaming and other uses that we can give more demanding. In these cases it is more appropriate to have some characteristics or others.

Wifi 6

This feature is usually present in premium mid-range mobiles, those that are a notch below the flagships. And it is a feature that gives you a speed boost when downloading data to your mobile from a Wi-Fi network.

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You must bear in mind that to use this function you need a compatible router, so if you do not have it, you better dispense with it because you will not notice a difference. Now, if what you want is to play streaming with your mobile or watch the series in perfect 4K, it is best that you give priority to this feature.

Dual GPS

Another feature that we also see in those more expensive mid-range mobiles. This feature basically improves the accuracy of the location , reducing the error meters with which it can be detected.

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Therefore it is an essential function if you travel a lot, not only by car, but hiking for example. Since the indications you receive will always be more precise. If, on the other hand, you do not give importance to that aspect, a traditional GPS is more than enough.


If you are one of those who hates leaving home loaded with documentation and bank cards, you cannot miss this feature on your mobile.

Pago móvil NFC

With it we can convert our mobile into a bank card , so it is one of the essential characteristics when it comes to getting a new mobile, whatever the range, because we already see it even in cheap mobile phones in the mid-range .

90Hz or 120Hz displays

It is certainly one of those characteristics that has gained tremendous popularity. And it is that more and more cheap mobiles are those that add 90Hz screens, and more those of premium mid-range those that add 120Hz.

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This is one of the most necessary functions today, because it is something that you are going to notice at all times. With them you will notice a more fluid screen movement , and that is something that you will get used to very quickly, and you will enjoy it more than any other functionality.

So which ones do we prioritize?

Of these four characteristics, if you are thinking of buying a new mobile, there are two that seem essential to us today. We are talking about the screen with a high refresh rate , 90Hz or 120Hz and the NFC connectivity to be able to pay in stores. These are two characteristics within the reach of many mobiles and of those that we will regret if our new mobile does not have them .

They are functions with a real utility, and that cannot be replaced by other technologies. On the other hand, Dual GPS and Wifi 6 are functions that improve on other existing ones on your mobile. Whatever smartphone it is, it will always have a decent GPS, and a fully functional Wifi, so these last two aspects are more dispensable than the other two, in our always humble opinion.