How to capture a part of the screen on Xiaomi phones with MIUI

With the passing of the updates that constantly arrive on our Xiaomi mobile devices, we are witnessing the different extra functionalities that the Asian firm is adding. Among them, the mobile touch captures, which have become one of the most useful features that we can find today on any smartphone. For this reason, it is important that we can even choose which part of the screen we specifically want to photograph, and MIUI allows us to do so.

capture a part of the screen on Xiaomi phones with MIUI

And it is that, at present, we receive so much information daily that it is important to have it registered as it is. For this reason, the simple fact of taking a snapshot of the panel of our mobile device will help us to quickly save this information.

In addition, thanks to this functionality that is integrated into Xiaomi mobiles, we will only be able to take a shot of the area that we prefer from the touch panel itself. This will save us having to cut the image we have taken later so that nothing unnecessary appears.

How to take specific captures on Xiaomi phones

With the arrival at the time of the MIUI 12 version, we could see how in its beta a new feature was introduced that would be really useful for users who are used to cutting the screenshots they take. Since with this feature you can only choose a portion of what you want. In order to activate them, you have to hold the Home button and draw the area you want to photograph.

Although with the arrival of MIUI 12.5 to the smartphones of the Asian brand, this functionality has been further improved. Now, it will be easier to take screenshots of a specific area whenever we want. So it is no longer necessary to have to take a shot and then proceed to its subsequent editing.

Captura específica pantalla móviles Xiaomi

From this version, our mobile device will allow us to choose a specific area and then save it in the smartphone gallery or share it directly using the different apps that we have on the phone. In addition, thanks to the use of different gestures, with this function of taking snapshots we can achieve a totally clean cutout in different shapes, be it rectangular, rounded or in the shape that we want the most. That is, we can even draw which area we want to photograph of the panel.

If in your case you do not want to waste time editing, and you already have this version of the Xiaomi customization layer, you will have the possibility to follow these steps to enjoy taking shots of your mobile panel in specific areas. To do this, you must follow the following steps and meet the requirement of having MIUI 12.5 :

  1. Press on the area where you want to take an image of the panel with three fingers and hold down the touch pad.
  2. After a few moments, a small interface appears in which we can draw the area that we want to cut out of the touch panel.
  3. When choosing the area that we want to capture, we will only have to give the option to Save or to share, since some buttons will appear in the lower area that will give us this possibility.

How many ways do Xiaomi have to take images of the screen?

In Xiaomi mobile devices there are several possibilities that we will have at our fingertips to take snapshots of the screen . Nowadays, thanks to its customization layer, we will have at our disposal different ways of taking different shots whenever we want, but we will leave you the less known by users. Some of these methods will be faster than others, but each of these do the same job: taking a shot of the phone’s touchpad.

Use the floating ball

The first way that we will teach you will be thanks to enabling on your mobile device of the Asian firm the floating ball that they have thanks to MIUI. To enable it we will have to go to Settings> Additional settings> floating ball. Then, we will have to click on its switch to enable it. Finally, if we do not have the option to take a snapshot of the panel, we will have to configure the options that appear in it. So we must enter its settings and click on Select shortcuts. Next, we choose the setting to capture the panel.

bola flotante Xiaomi

Ask the voice assistant

Among the features that we also find, which are increasingly useful to more users, is the voice assistant that is integrated into the phones. In the case of Xiaomi we have the Google assistant. Thanks to this, we can quickly take a snapshot by asking for it with our voice with the following command: ” Ok Google, take a screenshot .” In this way, we will avoid pressing any type of button on our terminal and it will be stored directly in the phone’s gallery.

From the control center

One of the fastest options that we will find will be the one found in the control center itself . To do this, we will only have to display it on our mobile device and look for the icon that reflects the screen image. Then, after clicking on it, the image of the touch panel of our phone will be taken automatically. And all thanks to the shortcuts that the Xiaomi control center has.

Xiaomi captura pantalla

Knuckle catches

Some of the firm’s mobile phones will let us use our own knuckles to take pictures of the terminal’s touch, among other gestures. However, not all smartphones from the Asian company have compatibility with this utility. In order to activate it and check if we are lucky to have this feature, we will have to follow the following process:

  1. Access the phone settings.
  2. Enter the Additional Settings section of your Xiaomi.
  3. Click on the Gesture shortcuts section.
  4. After this, enter the option to Take screenshot.

In this section, we will have the possibility to choose how we want to take snapshots. Among the actions we will find that of the Double Touch with the knuckles. Although if we enter the Partial Screen Capture option, we will also have the alternative of Drawing a circle with the knuckle.

With Game Turbo mode

The smartphones of this manufacturer have their own game mode, that is, one designed so that the terminals are capable of having a better performance in all aspects, be it the panel, the processor, the sound, etc., so that the player enjoy a more immersive experience. In this case, we find that this Xiaomi function allows us the option of taking a photo of the panel from a quick bar without having to leave the video game itself. In this way, we will not be distracted for a single second.