Why your mobile can get scratched even when wearing a cover

The case is the preferred accessory for every mobile phone user, and in general for anyone who has a certain affection for their electronic devices. We are convinced that when we put a cover on the mobile, at least on its back, it is impossible for it to get scratched or suffer some kind of damage. And so it is, but not always.

Today we refer to a problem with the phone case that many times we only realize when we discover with dismay that the phone has been scratched even with the case on.

Why would he scratch himself on a cover?

When we place a cover on the phone, we are convinced, and this is the case in reality, that the phone will not scratch on its back when rubbing against an object that is on a table or any surface where we place it. But what often escapes us is that the dirt may be inside the cover itself.

Why your mobile can get scratched even when wearing a cover

And many times this dirt is much more dangerous , because we do not warn of its presence, and little by little it can deteriorate the back of our phone. This is an aspect in which we do not pay too much attention, in the cleaning of the interior of the cover. And it is that regardless of whether it is a silicone or rigid case, certain residues that can be lodged between the case and the phone can scratch the back of the phone with more or less gravity.

Pay attention to the inside of the case

Me first, I usually clean the outside of the case, many times without taking the phone out of the case, so the inside of the case may contain some larger solid waste, it does not have to be too much. But it can be enough so that the pressure we apply with the hand on the case to grasp the phone, or that received when the phone is placed on any surface, scratches the phone . This debris and dirt can move around the back of the phone, scratching it without us noticing. So the solution is obvious, when you clean the case of your phone, do it also from the inside, to remove any element that could damage the phone.

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These are things that many times we do not notice, that seem obvious , but that in the rush we can pass or we can deliberately omit by underestimating the damage it can do to our phone. So pay attention to this aspect, if you haven’t already, and thoroughly clean the inside of the case, for what may happen. After all, the mobile phone is a great investment that we must protect for several years, and the best thing is to always make sure that at least it is not in danger even when we take measures to prevent its deterioration, which are not always 100% effective, such as in this case. An aspect that may seem unimportant, but that is not funny when we see our terminal damaged.