Why the download is in process in Chrome and how to avoid it

We have at our disposal many types of browsers with which we can enter websites, access multiple services and also download content. Without a doubt one of the most popular is Google Chrome. Now, sometimes we can have problems. Errors may appear that prevent you from entering a page or downloading some type of file. In this article we are going to explain what to do if in Chrome we have a download in process and it stops . It is something that happens sometimes, but it is usually solved in a simple way.

Why the download is in process in Chrome

A download in progress is cut off in Chrome

Chrome is the browser most used by users, so a problem of this type can affect many. It is common that sometimes we run into different errors when trying to open a page or carry out an action. Generally, the browser itself throws us an error message, so that we can find out what is happening and solve it.

One of those problems is that it indicates that the download is in progress , but has actually been cut off. We see that the download of that file or any document that we are downloading is not progressing. This can even happen repetitively.

What can we do if this happens? Luckily we can carry out some simple steps that can help us. In this way we will ensure that the download continues normally. We can avoid some errors caused by the browser itself or our system.

Check for corrupted downloads

If a download stops, if we see that it is in process but suddenly it cuts out, one of the reasons is that there is a corrupt file . Maybe that download started, but the file was corrupted or some part was downloaded badly and that caused the freeze.

In Google Chrome we can easily enter the download section . There we will see all the downloaded files and those that are in process. When there is a corrupt file that has not been downloaded properly, it will appear with the .crdownload format extension. If we see this type of file, it is best to delete it and start the download again.

The problem with a corrupt file is that the application tries to continue with that document or whatever we are downloading. However, he never gets it down properly. That process never ends, unless we delete the file and start over.

Check if any extension is interfering

We can install many extensions in the browser. These accessories can be very useful for our day to day. They provide benefits that the program does not provide as standard. Some can even help improve security.

However we could have problems. In fact, it is not recommended to have many extensions installed. Some may be interfering and causing failure to download files. This means that we have to check if something is wrong.

Have we installed any extensions recently? The best way to check that everything works well is to deactivate the add-ons. We can go to the menu at the top right, click on More tools and enter Extensions. It will show us all the ones we have installed. We can see if there are any recent ones that we can disable momentarily and see if the problem is solved.

See if there is any malware

Of course malicious software can also affect browser problems. Those problems could mean, for example, the download constantly cutting off. We can have errors when trying to download a file. There are many varieties of malware that affect our systems and also the browser itself.

To see if we have any malware on our computer, one of the best tips is to start the antivirus. This will allow us to detect potential threats and eliminate them as soon as possible. We have many options available, both free and paid. It is something that we must apply to all types of systems.

Ataques de malware de firmware

Check that everything is up to date

Whenever we have a problem with the browser, whether the download is blocked or any other error, we must make sure that we are using the latest version . If we use outdated software, without updating, we could see how the performance is not the best, but we could also have significant security problems.

Our advice is to always keep any program we use updated, as well as the operating system or firmware of the network card. We will avoid problems and also achieve a significant improvement in performance.

Make sure that the antivirus or firewall do not affect

We have mentioned that having security programs is very important to avoid problems of this type. They are essential to reduce the risk of some type of malware entering that could affect Chrome or any browser. However, they could also be causing problems.

Sometimes the antivirus or the firewall may be blocking the operation of certain applications or the connection. This is a problem, since if we start a download we could find that this program blocks it by interpreting that it may be a threat. We should check that the security tools are not interfering.

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Reinstall the browser

If these steps that we have been seeing have not had a positive effect, we could be forced to reinstall the browser . Sometimes the programs that we have installed may have bugs, there may be corrupted files that compromise a specific application and this may force us to reinstall it.

Therefore, if at this point the error when downloading files in Chrome has not been solved, we can take into account the possibility of installing the program again. Of course, we recommend erasing it completely from your computer and doing a clean installation.

We always recommend downloading software from legitimate sources. Only then will we have guarantees that we are adding official programs, which have not been maliciously modified. Otherwise we could have problems that not only affect downloading files, but also our security.

Therefore, if we encounter the problem that a download is blocked in Chrome and does not progress even though it is in process, these are some of the issues that we can take into account. A series of simple steps that we can carry out and in this way navigate normally.