Why shouldn’t you be with your mobile before going to sleep

A custom that came with mobile devices, and even more so now that practically everything can be done with a smartphone, is to use the phone before sleeping while in bed. And although it is proven that for many users this simple action does not interfere with their sleep. In addition, it does not affect us how it is, neither the use of the mobile or the brightness, but another factor.

However, it is true that being used to using it before going to sleep can affect the time to fall asleep . For this reason, it has become a pending issue not to use the smartphone just before going to rest at night. Therefore, it is time to know the true cause that leads us to not sleep enough hours at night (between 7 and 9 hours).

Why shouldn't you be with your mobile before going to sleep

The problem is in what we do with the phone

The reality is that in this aspect we will not only be affected by the blue light emitted by all the screens of mobile devices, which can be harmful to our vision. If not, the real problem is in what content we see before we go to rest. This means that what will truly affect our well-being and the quality of sleep will be the information we receive from the mobile.

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Whether it is playing our favorite game with the phone, watching a series or movie, it will influence our rest to a greater or lesser extent . Basically because when we are enjoying something that entertains us, we will want to continue viewing said content. Therefore, it is most advisable that if we want to use our smartphone before going to sleep, it is to use it as a tool to relax to close the day and not as a source of entertainment.

Basically because doing this before going to sleep will affect the pineal gland , which is the part of the brain that is responsible for producing melatonin, the hormone that regulates our sleep cycle. And is that after having taken for granted this trend of constantly checking the mobile before going to rest, the only thing we will achieve is to lose hours of sleep. However, this custom can be changed in order to improve the quality of our rest. To do this, the ideal thing will be to leave the mobile at least half an hour before, and move it away from our bed, so that it costs us a little more to pick it up again. Also, another factor that will help will be to silence it until the next morning.