Why the Mobile Screen Is Purple or Has Spots

We all want the mobile to last as long as possible and not suffer any hardware and software damage, although unfortunately sometimes this is impossible and one of the problems that we can find has to do with the purple spots on the screen of the mobile. This curious case can generate many doubts that we will try to solve so that you know where the problem comes from and its solutions.

Why the Mobile Screen Is Purple

The problem of purple screens in mobile phones came along with AMOLED panels, something that luckily we cannot find in LCD panels. Therefore, if our smartphone has an IPS screen, we are not going to find this failure, at least for the most serious causes and we could only fix it by calibrating the screen to our liking.

Why does the mobile screen turn purple?

The main cause that leads us to see purple spots on the mobile screen or with a beginning of purple color in areas of the screen has to do with the breakage of the AMOLED panel. Even if the display glass is not damaged, a fall, a bump or having been flexed excessively, can cause the smartphone to lose the properties of the panel.

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It is not something very common, since when the internal panel breaks, I also usually do it on the outside, but there are specific cases where we have seen this opposite situation.

Can you continue using your mobile like this?

We can say yes, although the problems could spread over time and with use. The internal panel is damaged and therefore that area we will not be able to see it and we cannot use it , that is, the touch panel will not respond to our fingers. In many cases we have found that this break is extended over the days and the solution can be complicated.

Ways to repair purple spots on the screen

Once we are aware that the mobile panel is broken and that is why we see those purple spots, it is important that we contact the official mobile technical service, whatever the brand, with as much information as possible. By telling them the situation they will try to help us, although it will depend on whether the problem comes from misuse or on the contrary it is something specific that does not depend on us.

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To repair it, they will have to change the entire mobile screen if we want to continue using the mobile. In case it is not a damage that is included in the guarantee, we will have to pay for the repair and take care of it.