The Explanation of the Strange Noises of the Xiaomi Mi 11 with Music

It may seem like a joke or part of a horror movie, but some users who already have the Xiaomi Mi 11 in their possession have been able to verify the strange sound of the Xiaomi Mi 11 . Through different media and social networks they have announced that the most prominent Xiaomi model for 2021 suffers from a so-called “problem” that is repeated especially when listening to music on the smartphone.

Strange Noises of the Xiaomi Mi 11 with Music

Although the Mi 11 has not yet arrived in Spain and basically has not left the Asian continent, this characteristic sound that so many users talk about on social networks will also reach the model that we will see in our streets and stores, that is why it is so important that we know about where the noises of the Xiaomi Mi 11 come from and if we should worry about it.

The explanation about the noises of the Xiaomi Mi 11

The sound or noise that so many talk about the Mi 11 is produced only by pressing the back of the smartphone , something that for now we have not seen so prominently in practically any mobile. The reason why this happens has to do with the new stereo sound system that Xiaomi has integrated into this model, shaping the internal cavity to improve the result.

xiaomi mi 11 azul tumbado

By changing the shape with the pressure that we exert on the mobile, we cause the sound to not be as it should and we find ourselves when playing music with noise or rather notes that may seem out of tune. This change was made to improve the listening experience and demonstrate that sound is an important element for Xiaomi. To develop this technology, they have worked together with Harman Kardon, a prestigious brand that has collaborated on numerous occasions in high-level televisions.

It’s a problem? How is it solved?

Whether we are thinking of buying a Xiaomi Mi 11 or we already have it in our possession, we must be calm, because it really is not a problem, it is only a peculiarity. On a few occasions we will notice this “noise” of the Xiaomi Mi 11 , since it only occurs when playing music in stereo and also exerting pressure on the back of the mobile.

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The brand has mentioned in China that it recommends pressing the rear part excessively, especially continuously, to avoid damaging the audio system. By having a protective cover we would already be avoiding exerting that pressure or that a bad blow can damage the sound of the terminal.