Why is the screen key in TCL mobiles?

Why is the screen key in TCL mobiles

Each mobile phone company has its own identity sign that gives its devices a plus above the rest. In the case of Vivo, it is about the camera, while TCL stands out for the quality of its screens.

This is to be expected, since the Chinese company is largely dedicated to the sale of televisions . For this reason, it is logical that they have in their team of experts related to visual technology. As a result, NXTVISION was born, a quality that makes its terminals a real option to take into account.

What does NXTVISION do?

This technology can be found in practically all TCL mobiles. The purpose of this is to improve the images on the screen to obtain a greater amount of detail and to be more defined. In addition, it achieves more intense contrasts and brighter colors in order to create a completely immersive experience.

Tecnología NXTVISION

Another of NXTVISION’s properties is ultra-dimming , a feature that eliminates screen flickering and improves reading mode by camouflaging your screen, making it similar to the tones of the paper.

On the other hand, it has a mode called ‘ Visual Comfort’ that protects your eyes against the harmful light generated by the screens of the phones.

Ideal for reproduction

If you are one of those people who the greatest use they make of their terminal is to reproduce any type of content , TCLs are the ideal alternative for you. Although the first thing you will need to know is which are the brand’s devices that have this technology.

Well, you don’t have to complicate your life too much, since all the firm’s smartphones that you can find in Spain make use of NXTVISION. So no matter what option you choose, you can enjoy the content at excellent visual quality.


It is true that they are not characterized by specifications worthy of admiration, mainly in the section related to performance . Although this doesn’t have to mean anything bad. In fact, it helps a lot that their prices are much lower than those of other mobiles.

For example, you can get a TCL 20 SE for less than 150 euros. A very affordable amount if you use your mobile phone for basic notions without many requirements, since the excellence of its screens can hardly be found at a similar price.