Beware of this Android virus that steals your money

The Android landscape does not rest easy for a single day, there are always new attacks trying to get hold of user data, although it is even worse when the target is bank accounts. This is what the new Trojan that is devastating Europe and the United States is looking for , sneaking into users’ smartphones to leave us without money.

The virus is called SharkBot , which works intelligently so as not to be seen within the system and take advantage of the user’s mistakes to get all the passwords, electronic signatures and the rest of the data to transfer all the money from our account. The person in charge of discovering it has been Cleafy, an entity that is dedicated to protecting banks.

Android virus that steals your money

Sophisticated technology in the hands of viruses

When it comes to viruses, problems are not always as serious as they seem, although in this case we are faced with a threat classified as lethal . This happens, since sophisticated operation makes it impossible to detect it in apps that run on the system. Sneaking into downloaded file mode or any APK. But not only banks have been his target, but there are also 5 cryptocurrency services.

Its way of getting hold of all the data is through special permissions and accessibility that some apps require on Android. It even manages to exceed the limits of the latest Android 12 version and that no icon warns us that something or someone is rummaging through our files and system information.


To get hold of the data, the virus replicates the banking app that we have on our mobile, to impersonate it and for us to enter the username, password and the rest of the information. This way you have full access. A mechanism that may seem simple, but it is quite sophisticated to allow cheating without being discovered. We can’t really access the app and that may be a clue to find out.

Ways to avoid attack

There is really not much we can do to ensure our Android mobile against the virus, just use common sense and this time at least we know that avoiding installing external apps there is no way it will get there, because it has not managed to enter Google Play . It is convenient to focus on the permissions that applications request when we install them on the mobile and not to maintain third-party apps that we do not use or do not offer us what they promise.

Apps con virus Android

Although these try to reach our mobile and get the data with advanced systems, the apps in which they are camouflaged or the files where they arrive, usually do not work well. Therefore, entering the system applications and deleting them is the best, as is accessing the file manager and ending up with those APKs or downloaded items that are worthless and can only cause problems.