How to configure voice alerts when a mobile is 100% charged

Surely it has happened to you that, when you put your mobile to charge, after a while you go to check what percentage of energy it takes so as not to leave it longer than necessary. Luckily, there are different tools that will facilitate this. From now on you will not need to be constantly aware of your smartphone to check if it has been charged 100% or not.

It will not matter if you have a mobile device with the Google or Apple operating system, since in both cases we will show you what you will need to be able to be calm when you plug it into the power. And, in this way, you don’t have to waste your time continually checking if it has finally finished loading. For this, we anticipate that it will be an alarm , but not just any one, but it will be with a voice.

How to configure voice alerts

On Android mobiles

We will start with mobiles that have Android as an operating system. In this case we will present two options, one native and the other in which we will need the help of an external application to reach our goal: a voice alarm when the smartphone is fully charged . Although, we already warn you that there is no perfect native way, since it will continue to lack that extra point that we will see later on Apple mobile devices.

Use the Google Assistant

In this case, we will have to participate ourselves, so the phone itself will not immediately notify us when the power percentage of the terminal reaches 100%. And we will need the help of the voice assistant itself, in this case Google Assistant. The way to check if the mobile battery has been completely completed will be simple, we will only have to say the following phrase: ‘Okay, Google’ (to invoke the voice assistant)> ‘How much battery does the mobile have?’.

Nivel de batería de un móvil Android con el Asistente de Google

After saying execute this action, it will tell us the exact percentage of the battery of our Android mobile device. But, as we said, it is not perfect. More than anything because we will have to ask ourselves what the level is. Therefore, we recommend the second option that we will see below.

With an app

If before we saw the option of the voice assistant of smartphones with Google software. Now it is the turn to have an application that will fulfill all our expectations one hundred percent. In the app store of the American company we find an impressive variety of options, although we have tried the ‘Battery Sound Notification’ software. We are facing an application that will only be in charge of notifying us, either by voice , ringtone or audio, the current state of the battery.

Best of all, it is an application that is in Spanish, so it will not be complex at all to understand how it works. To begin, we will need to download this application from the following link that we leave here:

Once you have installed this app on your Android phone, we just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Enter the ‘ Battery Sound Notification ‘ application.
  2. Inside, we will see a top bar with settings. There, we must click on ‘+’.
  3. When pressing, we will find a menu with the following options: Mode, Sound and General.

Alarma por voz con Battery Sound Notification en Android

At this point we have to explain that not only will it allow us to configure a voice alarm every time it is at 100%, but we will also have the opportunity to notify us each time it is plugged in or unplugged, as well as the possibility that we say you have a low or full battery. Now, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Full Battery Mode and dial 100.
  2. In Sound, you must choose Text to Speech , so you will have to write the words that you want your mobile to say when it has the full energy level.
  3. In General, you must give this action a name and a description.

From now on, when it reaches that percentage, the smartphone will tell us with its own voice that the phone has been fully charged . And if you want to delete that action, you just have to press and hold on it and click OK.

Use Siri on your iPhone

For any mobile phone to notify us by voice when the battery reaches 100% of its capacity is everything that any user would have wanted from the beginning. Basically, because in this way you will not be plugged into the power for longer than necessary, a more than perfect way not only to optimize the time of use, but also to take better care of the useful life of your battery and have to save ourselves from our time each time we go to check the charge level.

If in the case of Android mobiles it was somewhat more complex, within the world of Apple we find that Siri will be the voice that gives us the voice warning every time the battery is charged, although we will also need Apple software known as Shortcuts to get to complete this objective.

Alarma por voz de la batería en iPhone

This Cupertino tool is completely free. In addition, it will let us create infinite schedules, notices and settings for our iPhone. Of course, it is not a third-party app, but it is from Apple itself. Once we have this app on the mobile, we must follow the following steps so that Siri will notify us every time we have the iPhone at 100%:

  1. Enter the Shortcuts application and click on the lower Automation tab.
  2. Within this section, click on the Create personal settings option.
  3. Then, you will need to select the Battery Level option.
  4. Move the bar to 100 %> Click Next.
  5. Hit Add action or search in the bar by putting Read text with voice.
  6. Write exactly what you want Siri to say when your iPhone is loaded > Next.
  7. Deactivate the option Request confirmation so that this app can say with its own voice without having to ask us for permission each time it is going to notify us that the mobile is charged.
  8. Click OK.

From this moment Siri will notify you each time the iPhone completes its charge . However, this alarm will sound when the sound is active, that is, if you have the phone on silent or in do not disturb mode, it will not sound. Of course, it will work with both the locked and unlocked mobile.