Why Doesn’t the Virtual Network Adapter Appear in Windows

When we connect to the Internet, use our computers to navigate or use different tools on the network, we can have problems. One of them is when we get the message that the virtual host network adapter does not appear . This is a failure that can appear in Windows and we can take into account certain steps to solve it. We are going to talk about this in this article. We are going to explain what we should do if we come across this error.

What is the Virtual Hosted Network Adapter

In order to surf the Internet, it is necessary to have a series of devices and tools . We can have different types of programs, configuration and equipment that help us in our day to day. All this will make it possible for us to navigate normally. But of course, on many occasions some of these factors may not work properly and that is where we would be unable to connect.

Why Doesn't the Virtual Network Adapter Appear in Windows

The virtual hosted network adapter is a Microsoft service that helps us turn on or off the virtual wireless or Wi-Fi network. It may happen that it does not appear, that it is not available, and the causes are diverse, as it usually happens in these cases.

Usually this appears due to having made an update in the system. There may have been an error and this causes services like this not to appear. It is something relatively common and that can affect the operation of the systems or devices that we use in our day to day life.

A system level error could also occur. Windows could be affected by different problems that could interfere with the operation of these types of services. This causes us to encounter the message that the hosted network could not be indicated.

Hosted Network Virtual Adapter Does Not Appear

As often happens when errors of this type appear, we will always have different options to solve it. We are going to see some simple steps that we can take into account and thus avoid the error that indicates that the virtual hosted network adapter is not available appears.

Update network drivers

This is something basic but it can solve many problems of this type. We must always have the latest versions, especially when it comes to network connected devices. This way we will be able to include all the improvements that are present, in addition to solving certain problems.

Therefore, the first thing we are going to do if we see that the hosted network adapter does not appear or gives an error, is to update the network drivers. To do this we must go to Start, we enter Device Manager, we go to Network adapters and there we click on the corresponding network card, we click with the second mouse button and we click Update driver .

Actualizar drivers de la tarjeta de red

Check that Windows is correctly updated

We have mentioned that one of the main causes for this problem is an error when updating Windows . The update may have been hanging or that there is even a bug with that version and it is generating conflict.

Therefore, we must confirm that Windows has been updated well. We can go to Start, we enter Settings and we go to Update and security. There we will see the exact version that we have and we will check if there is something pending to install. It is important that a system update is completed successfully, otherwise something could remain and cause problems of this type.

Reset the wireless hosted network

Another step we can take to fix this error is to reset the wireless hosted network . Basically what we are going to do is deactivate the hosted network manually and later re-enable it. This way we will get it to be restored and see if the problem is solved.

To achieve this, we have to execute the following commands:

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

netsh wlan set hostednetwork [mode =] allow

Later we will have to restart the computer. In this way it will be restored correctly and we can see if this problem has really been solved or not.

Restart the WLAN Auto Configuration Service

Automatic service configuration WLAN or WLAN AutoConfig allows to establish a connection between your computer and the wireless network or adapter. It is linked to the Windows Hosted Network Virtual Adapter, so it could be the cause of this problem.

To do this we have to go to Start, look for Services and there, once a new window opens, we look for Automatic WLAN configuration. We have to click with the right button of the mouse and we give it to Stop and later to start it again.

Reiniciar el servicio de configuración automática

Once this is done, once again we will have to restart the computer for the changes to take effect correctly.

Reset Windows Network

We can also take into account the possibility of resetting the network in Windows. On many occasions this option can solve problems that appear. What we are going to do is revert to the default values of the network adapters.

To do this, we have to go to Start, we enter Settings, we go to Network and Internet and there we will see the Network Reset option. We have to give it to follow and accept. We will restart the system again.

Restablecer la red

Check that there is no malware on the computer

Of course we must also make sure that there is no security threat on the computer. On many occasions there may be malware that puts the proper functioning at risk and that affects the devices and the different functions.

It is essential that we keep systems safe, with a good antivirus and firewall installed. In this way we can detect possible security threats and know if a virus or any malicious software could be causing this network error. We have both free and paid options available, although we must always choose one that really protects us.

Ultimately, following these steps we can solve the problem when the message that the virtual network adapter does not appear appears. You just have to take these tips into account and see if it is solved. It is an error that can appear occasionally and should be fixed.