Supports Compatible with Apple TV: Tips and Recommendations

Supports Compatible with Apple TV

The Apple TV is a device designed for enjoyment in common places where several people usually get together to consume multimedia content. This implies that it is exposed to possible falls due to the transit of people. Therefore, in this post we want to put different options on the table to be able to put your Apple TV on the wall safely and thus keep it well protected and safe.

Keys when choosing the best support

Before launching to acquire a support for your Apple TV, we recommend that you take into account a series of tips and important points so that, in this way, the product that you finally decide to purchase is the one that can give you the best result in the face of keep your Apple device secure and attached to the wall. Below you have a series of points that, as we say, you have to take into account.

  • First make sure that the mount is compatible with your Apple TV model .
  • The manufacturing material is very important, since in case the fastening to the wall fails and it falls to the ground, it is the support in charge of cushioning the fall of the device.
  • Fastening to the wall is a fundamental point, take into account the way in which you are going to have to fix the bracket to the wall and choose the one with which you feel more secure.
  • Be very clear about where you want to put the support before buying it.
  • Do you have the necessary tools to carry out the installation?

Apple TV

The cheapest options

In case you want to protect your Apple TV by being able to anchor it to the wall that you have next to your television but you do not want to invest a considerable amount of money, here are the cheapest options available that will give you the security and peace of mind you need for a price relatively low.



Undoubtedly the GCDN brand offers the cheapest option you can find in relation to a product of this type. With this attachment box for the Apple TV you can both anchor the Apple device to the wall using nails, as well as using the different adhesives that this device also provides.

This format is one of the most comfortable you can find because, in addition to having a very simple and elegant design , it also agrees perfectly with the design that the Cupertino company has given to Apple TV. If we talk about compatibility, you have to know that this option is compatible with 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TVs.

Apple TV support

Soporte para TV para Apple TV

In this case we are talking about one of the best options in terms of quality / price . The YoMaris brand has this fantastic support for Apple TV that will keep the device always well protected and safe against possible falls that it could suffer in case it is on a table, for example.

The design combines perfectly with what Apple has given to the Apple TV, so in that sense you do not have to worry about how it will look in your living room, if the Apple TV looks good, this support will go completely unnoticed. You can even choose to place it behind the television itself or anchor it to the wall. In addition, it is compatible with 4th and 5th generation Apple TVs, also providing a small housing for the device control.

Eco-Fused Wall Mount and Remote Control Cover


Do you want to hang your Apple TV on the wall to have it well attached and secure? This is the product you were looking for for it. The assembly of this accessory is really simple, you will only have to place the corresponding screws, which are included, and voila, you can place your Apple TV and move it away from any blow that may make it fall to the ground.

This device is compatible with 4th and 5th generation Apple TVs , providing, in addition to everything necessary to anchor the bracket to the wall, a cover for the Apple TV control. Thus, you can have both the remote control and the Apple TV itself perfectly protected against any possible fall that they may suffer.

KHOMO Apple TV Stand


In this case, KHOMO offers one of the simplest solutions that you can find on the market to anchor your Apple TV to the wall of your living room, bedroom or wherever you want to enjoy the services that this device from the Cupertino company is capable of offering.

The design of this support is completely aligned with that of the Apple TV , so it will not imply an aesthetic alteration, on the contrary, it will be perfectly fused with the apple device. The product comes with everything you need to perform your installation in the best possible way. Also, you have to keep in mind that it is compatible with 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TVs .

SciuU Universal Wall Bracket

sciuU soporte de pared universal

We could perfectly think that this product has been designed exclusively for Apple TV, however it is not like that, although aesthetically it agrees wonderfully with the Apple device. In the same way as the rest of the accessories that we mention in this post, this option also works anchored to the wall, but providing an extra customization .

This customization is given by the possibility of adjusting the width of the support to perfectly adapt it to the device you want to place on it. In this case we are talking about the Apple TV, but it can also perfectly serve to place a Router, or any other device that has similar measures.

More expensive, but safer Apple TV stands

If your budget to acquire support for Apple TV is a little higher, then we want to give you a series of options that are really interesting and that will give you that security that you want to have with your Apple device. All this accompanied by materials of the highest quality and with a very careful design.

JanTeelGO Wall bracket


We maintain the product line with which we finished the previous option, that is, a support that has not really been designed exclusively for Apple TV , but that is why it can be a really interesting option. Aesthetically, it breaks with everything that we have brought in this compilation, offering a more metallic design both physically and aesthetically.

At the end of the day it is a support on which you will be able to place the device you want, in this case obviously, the Apple TV, any of its models since its surface is wide enough not to have to worry about it. . It is made of a high quality aluminum alloy, with the capacity to support up to 15 kg .

Innovelis TotalMount – Support for Apple TV


We return to talking about options designed exclusively for Apple TV, in this case compatible with the 4th generation model but also adaptable, through the adapter it provides, for the 2nd and 3rd generation models. Aesthetically it is completely similar to the design of the Apple product, so it will be perfectly combined.

In this case, you can choose two different options when coupling it. On the one hand you can put it on the wall of your living room, bedroom or wherever you want to use your Apple TV, so you can have it perfectly located safely, and on the other, you can also attach it to the back of your television to hide it even more.

H-Squared tvTray – Wall Mount


Although most of the options you have on the market to anchor the Apple TV to the wall are really similar, this, without departing from Apple’s product design line, offers a slightly different design to the rest, and even, more secure that aesthetically it is very elegant and that, without a doubt, it will not attract attention wherever you put it.

This support is not only capable of anchoring your Apple TV to the wall, but, first, it does it in a very aesthetic way and also, considerably protects your device since it will be completely protected inside the support. We could say that it fulfills two functions, that of protecting in the event of a fall and that of being able to anchor the device to any wall.

elago Apple TV Wall Mount

elago Apple TV

The elago brand is one of the manufacturers that pays the most care and attention to all the accessories it develops for Apple products. In this case, this product is compatible with 4th generation Apple TVs , and how could it be otherwise, the design adapts perfectly to that of the device itself.

In addition, the brand provides the user with two ways to use this support . The first, like most of the options in this post, is to anchor the device to the wall with screws. The second is through the handle that is included and with which we can hang the device anywhere. We must also highlight the material with which the accessory is made as well as the support that it also brings for the Apple TV remote.

Innovelis Mount for Apple TV

Innovelis Total Mount

We finish with the support that is compatible with all Apple TVs, so with this option you will not have to worry about whether your device is suitable to be able to use it with this support. In addition, you can use it both to attach it to the wall and to hang it on the back of the television, two options that are very suitable to keep the Apple TV well protected.

This mount has been manufactured with special design features to maximize the flow of cool air around the device. At the design level, it follows the same line as most of the alternatives present in this post, completely in tune with the product of the Cupertino company.

Which is the best option?

From the editorial team we want to give you which is, in our point of view, the two best options in this compilation, one from each of the categories. First of all, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money , the most suitable option and the one with the best quality / price ratio is that of the manufacturer Eco-Fused , which is also compatible with all the latest generations of the Apple player.

On the other hand, if you have a somewhat higher budget, the Elago option is, again from our point of view, the best of all given the manufacturing materials they use, being of the highest quality and offering security to Apple TV. It also stands out for the possibilities that you can have when placing it in different locations.