Why doesn't the internet load on my mobile and the others do?

We are accustomed to using the Internet throughout the day on our mobile phone to carry out all kinds of tasks, whether it is to search for information that we do not know, access a social network, play multiplayer games and much more. This is why we get angry when something goes wrong with WiFi or mobile data and they start to work slower than usual.

Connection problems bring many users down the path of bitterness, especially when they are unaware of the reason that leads them to have a poor speed. This has surely happened to you on occasion, for example, while you were with your group of friends and the Internet worked correctly for all of them, unlike you. This is a martyrdom for the one who suffers the failure, since it is difficult to understand what it is due to, but there is no need to be too alarmed, since there are multiple solutions within your reach.

Why doesn't the internet load on my mobile

Fix your mobile internet connection

It is not at all a novelty that smartphones suffer WiFi or mobile data connection problems. Mainly, because there are many factors that can cause a malfunction, but there are also many tools available to you to try to eradicate the error.

The Internet coverage or signal is not optimal

One of the main reasons why the Internet does not load on your mobile is because the signal level or coverage is not sufficient. You should take into account that, perhaps, within your group, your friends belong to a different operator , which can translate into better or worse coverage.

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Regarding WiFi, it should be noted that there are smartphones that have a harder time receiving a connection from afar, while there are others that can withstand several meters of distance. Check the icon for both parameters to see if this aspect is in order.

Close and open the application

Once the above has been reviewed, in the event that you continue to experience Internet connection problems despite the fact that the icons show the opposite, it is possible that the origin of the error is an application . To do this, you just have to try different apps to see if the error affects all of them or a single and exclusive one.

If this is the case, what you should do is close the application from the administrator and reopen it. If this doesn’t work, maybe it’s the program’s own fault, so you can go to forums or social networks to see if someone else is a victim. Otherwise, it would be time to wait for a possible update to solve it.

Reset Internet Settings

If none of the above has worked, it is most likely that the trigger for the problem is a bad network configuration on the part of the phone . In this sense, the key to ending the problem as soon as possible is to reset the network settings, which shouldn’t take you long.

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Of course, we advise you to write down the password of the WiFi network, since when you reset the parameters you will have to enter the password again. Access to this option depends on the manufacturer, but in most cases it usually appears in the backup section in the “System” section.

Reboot device

The last solution that you can use to use the Internet again normally is to restart the mobile. This always seems like a method that is useless, but the truth is that when we reset the device we are deactivating all its settings to activate again.

Of course, you can also opt directly for this alternative , but we recommend testing progressively. It is not that anything bad is going to happen to the smartphone, but that it may not be entirely necessary to carry out this process.