The best Samsung plugins you can install on One UI

If you have a Samsung Galaxy as a smartphone, you should know that you have an infinite number of customization possibilities at your fingertips. In case you didn’t know, the One UI layer hides an application developed by the brand itself and which is called Good Lock. An app that opens the doors to a large number of accessories for your mobile.

There is no doubt that the devices of the South Korean company are highly customizable and this is not only thanks to a version of Android that resembles that of a Google Pixel, but also to its highly successful customization layer. Inside it is Good Lock, an official Samsung application that offers the user many options to modify the interface and other parameters of the phone to their liking.

The best Samsung plugins you can install on One UI

Install these One UI modules on Samsung

As One UI receives updates, so do Good Lock for Samsung Galaxy modules or plugins . So we’ve picked the ones we think are the most interesting for your smartphone, so it’s worth taking a look at them to see what’s so special about them.

To start taking advantage of Good Lock features, you need to download and install the app on your Samsung Galaxy from the Galaxy Store. Once you have it on your mobile, you just have to use the search engine to look for one of the following or check yourself which ones may interest you.

Theme park

pantalla bloqueo Android 13 Samsung

The Good Lock Theme Park application allows you to carry out extreme customization of the interface of your Samsung Galaxy. For us it is one of our favorites, above all, because through this plugin you can modify or create a new theme for the mobile . This means that you can change the colors of the menu, modify the shape of the icons or install new packages and endless other possibilities that we let you discover for yourself.


While the previous option is used to customize the entire interface of the phone, LockStar does the same with the lock screen . So you can modify this section of your Samsung Galaxy through different ways, either change the position of the elements, add some new ones, add widgets or shortcuts… This, together with ThemePark, are two essential One UI complements that you will not you can lose


One UI 4

We all want to have a unique wallpaper that stands out compared to other devices. For a Samsung Galaxy this is much easier with Wonderland, a module that is designed to create dynamic 3D wallpapers . This with quite simple and easy to control tools. You only have to select a background and an image to later apply all kinds of effects to the terminal.


For those who have a smartwatch, the ClockFace module is ideal for customizing the design of the clock face directly from your Samsung Galaxy. This tool offers up to two possibilities for the wearable: the first involves customizing the appearance of the lock screen and the second the always-on screen. There are a large number of designs available, so you can spend hours and hours looking at which one you like best.

Keys Cafe

Diseño One UI 4

The keyboard is one of the aspects that we use the most when we use our mobile phones and in One UI Good Lock there is an add-on called Keys Cafe that is used to take keyboard customization to the highest level . It works together with Theme Park and with this function you can not only modify the size and colors of the keys, but also change their order, insert effects when pressing them and a long etcetera to turn your smartphone into something completely different from the usual.