Who walks the dog? These apps help you find caregivers

Going for a walk with our dog is one of the best moments of the day for many people, but not every day we can do it or it is not always an option, so there are many apps to find people who walk or take care of our dogs. Applications that will help us find animal lovers to take care of our pet when we can’t.

Here we leave you some of the best applications to walk or take care of dogs, applications if you want to offer yourself or if you are looking for someone to do it for you. Alternatives to conventional kennels, we will find people who can take over or you can offer yourself to earn money.

Who walks the dog? These apps help you find caregivers


Gudog is the app par excellence to find a sitter for your pet near you. There are thousands of registered and experienced users and it also has a team of experts that will validate that everything is correct and everything is true. There are three types of reservations that Gudog allows us through the app: accommodation, day care or one-hour walks. And we can contact the dog sitters to book any of these three services.

The accommodation includes night and day and allows you to go on vacation or weekend as an alternative to kennels or if you want to stay at the home of a trusted caregiver and not with many other animals. There is also day care that allows a maximum of 10 hours during the day if you are going to work and you don’t want him to be home alone, for example. Or it includes walking services that allow a person to come to your house to take your dog for a walk at the time you want.


Another of the applications for walking dogs is Rover, which allows us to find trusted pet sitters as well as accommodation , day care centers, people who take the animal for a walk… It is created by The Dog People TM and not only allows us to find a sitter but it is one of the best apps to find someone to walk our pet thanks to the fact that we can follow a detailed update of the animal’s walk, the time, the route through GPS . We can also receive photos while we are away from him and much more.

All caregivers have a file with their personal data and details, opinions of other users, characteristics… And we can choose the one we trust the most.