The AMOLED screen of your mobile is burning: 3 tips to avoid it

That the Amoled screens of mobile phones can end up burning, giving rise to a screen failure known as screen burn, is a reality rather than a myth. You may be realizing that this situation is occurring on your mobile, that you want to prevent it or that you are afraid that it may happen.

When the screen burns, you will be able to see a small discoloration in a part of the screen or you will notice it if you look closely. If you use a single color wallpaper and look at the sites where there is usually static content, you will realize what we are talking about. This in case you run into this problem, which usually happens on OLED screens such as Amoled. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, you can still avoid it, so here are 3 guidelines to keep your screen longer.

The AMOLED screen of your mobile is burning: 3 tips to avoid it

Remove the navigation bar

Most of the time this problem is caused by the bottom button bar , which is always showing a fixed color all the time, causing the pixels to almost always wear this color. This obviously causes burn-in on the Amoled screen over time. A good idea to avoid it is to activate Android gestures.

What you have to do is the following:

  1. Go to the Settings of your mobile
  2. Go to the Screen section
  3. Look for Swipe gestures
  4. Confirm this option

If you have a Xiaomi , you will have to go to:

  1. Settings
  2. Starting screen
  3. system navigation
  4. gestures


Swipe gestures on an iPhone are found at:

  1. Settings
  2. Accessibility
  3. Play
  4. touch facilities
  5. Swipe gestures

You can also use applications like Fulscrn to solve this problem, since it would hide the status bar and the navigation bar, which are the ones that most affect this screen burn-in effect. It is not the perfect solution, as they themselves say, but it can be used to avoid this problem that may make you have to change your screen in the future. It is best that you opt for other options before resorting to external apps, but it is not a bad option.

Change wallpaper, widgets and charms

Having the same wallpaper always with the same colors in the same areas can lead to burns on your mobile, since the pixels will wear unevenly. Therefore, it is important to change your wallpaper every so often and prioritize one that has several colors. You can use photos of someone or your pet, which you are going to renew frequently, or search for some cool backgrounds on your mobile or the Internet.

Fondo de pantalla 3D

Thus, you will ensure that the screen wears equally in all areas. It is also interesting that you change the order or distribution of shortcuts, widgets and other elements on the screen. A good idea is to try new launchers suitable for it.

Make all these changes frequently and you will protect your screen. Pay attention to the following advice because it will help you a lot.

Night mode, reading and other display options

It is not a bad idea to use the display settings to try to solve the problem as much as possible. To do this, on Android, you will have to go to Phone Settings in the Display section and search for what interests you. An important section is the Dark Mode, which will not only help you with visual fatigue when using the phone, but also against this problem, which is usually more common in white and blue colors .


Therefore, use it on your mobile and in all the apps you can, since many of them allow you the option to select the dark mode. If you want to vary the user experience, what you can do is program this mode for the hours that interest you or even look for other dark mode options that convince you more.

We advise you to use the automatic brightness to lower its intensity in Indoors, and it is worth using the reading mode to relax your eyes because the colors on your screen will be warmer. Customize display settings to your tastes and preferences while also taking into account what’s best for your phone.