Which Mac to choose for college or high school this year?

The 2021-2022 academic year has already started at the school level and if it has not done so for some, it is about to do so. In the middle of the digital age, the use of computer equipment for university or high school tasks is essential and that is why in this post we analyze which is the best Mac for students for this course that is about to begin.

Which Mac to choose for college or high school

First thing to know: there are discounts for students

Regardless of the Mac that is chosen, something that we will tell in the other section of this post, you should know that Apple offers discounts to students throughout the year, but that on these dates it offers interesting promotions with the purchase of an iPad or Mac. beginning of the 2021-2022 course offer 20% less in AppleCare + , the brand’s extended warranty service. They also give away second generation AirPods, making it even more interesting.

MacBook Air, the most precious for this course

The Apple entry laptop is traditionally the most suitable for students who prefer a Mac. The fact that it is tremendously comfortable to transport is an advantage to take into account, being the lightest computer of the brand and that despite this it has an excellent 13.3-inch screen so you don’t lose sight of it during everyday use.

Now, the outlook has improved a lot with the M1 processors that the company introduced last year. The MacBook Air M1 has become a ‘Pro’ computer even though its last name is not that. It is a more than competent team to carry out even heavy tasks , without leaving room for doubts in the most basic ones such as the use of office apps or those related to leisure with Internet browsing or consumption of multimedia content .

Review MacBook Air M1 Apple Silicon

This is also an ultra-silent computer as it does not have fans. And you will surely wonder if because of this it tends to heat up more and the answer is a resounding no. The M1 chip is capable of managing temperature very efficiently , this being another of the most noticeable changes with respect to the Intel of past generations. Therefore, even if it is used between the legs while in public transport or on the sofa at home, you will not burn.

And although it is true that the M1 is a processor from last year, it does not yet have a successor and although it may arrive we do not believe that it is far behind. In fact, the next MacBook Air would not arrive until 2022, so the M1 is the best option. It also has the entire macOS ecosystem , easy to use and with thousands of functional applications for students.

The final point in favor of this choice is the price . And yes, we know that Macs are characterized by not being cheap precisely, but this is undoubtedly one of the best value for money in the company. And if the Apple discount does not convince you, it is likely that on Amazon you can find an interesting offer that makes it even more attractive.