Apple’s most expensive product is a Mac: amazed at its price

Apple‘s pricing has always been controversial. To some it may seem fair, to others it may seem expensive, and to many it may even seem cheap. We are not going to analyze this question here, which in the end is still subjective, but if you are thinking about how far their prices can go, you will be surprised to see which is the most expensive Mac, which in turn is also the product with the highest price in the world. 

Apple's most expensive product is a Mac

Up to 70,000 euros with all accessories!

The line of Mac computers that exists is increasingly broad and may be more so with this standardization of Apple Silicon (ARM processors designed by the company itself). However, its most expensive Mac is not one with these chips, but it is one with Intel that has been holding that honor of being the one that costs the most for several years.

We refer to the Mac Pro whose initial value is 6,449 euros . A price that already starts from the top, but if specifications are added, it can reach a whopping 61,047.98 euros . Specifications such as more RAM, a larger SSD capacity, more powerful graphics, or pre-installed software like Final Cut and Logic Pro.

precio mac pro

But if this price does not seem exorbitant enough, try adding recommended accessories that go according to the design and power of this Mac. See the Pro Display XDR screen with a price of 5,449 euros that is increasing if you add a textured glass , a stand to place it or a mounting adapter. Adding all this up, we would reach a total of 68,664.98 euros .

And already put to spend (even in a figurative way) we can add to the computer a kit of legs for 349 euros and even a pack of wheels for 849 euros in case we want to move it around comfortably. Figures of around 70,000 euros that, obviously, are very scary when you see them on paper.

Is this price justifiable?

Obviously, a computer with the previously mentioned characteristics is not suitable for all audiences. And not because of the price, which of course also, but because of the focus they have. These teams are intended for the most demanding target in the world in terms of powerful graphics requirements and others. Thus, it could be the ideal for a large film production company or an architecture studio . These profiles require very heavy renderings and in the shortest possible time, something that this Mac Pro fully guarantees.

mac pro y display xdr

Now, despite not having statistics to attest to this, it seems unlikely that any company will acquire the top of the range with all the accessories. Basically because it is likely that with lower specifications in some fields, having improved those that generate greater interest, these types of users will have already satisfied their need.

Be that as it may, it is still a curious fact in the end. You can check these prices and the additions for each configuration yourself in the Apple online store. Of course, be careful not to click the “buy” button if you do not want to have a dislike. And if you give it, enjoy it because without a doubt you will be taking an expensive team, yes, but to which you can hardly find a fault about its performance.