Where to see the 90 leaked videos of GTA 6

The leak of GTA 6 during this past weekend has been one of the biggest that has happened in the world of video games since its inception. And it is not a montage from the moment that Rockstar itself, the developers of the game, have confirmed it. Can we still see videos and images of this installment? What has really been leaked?

Where to see the 90 leaked videos of GTA 6

The GTA saga was born in the 90s for PC, but it had a boom with its third installment, where it went completely to 3D, since then it has become one of the greatest sagas in the world of video games. And it is that it has had deliveries that have reached tens of millions of copies sold. The last of it was released a decade ago, but thanks to its popular GTA Online mode it is still in the limelight and continues to be one of the most profitable titles. So much so that we have recently seen an update patch for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series. And this is a title that was designed for PS3 and Xbox 360.

What has been leaked from GTA 6 and how can I watch it?

In fact, what has appeared on the net in recent days is such an early version of the game that it could not even be called a pre-alpha. And it is that as has been seen in the different videos, the game uses the same engine that Rockstar has been using since GTA 4 and that has been progressively improving. This is known from the fact that references to Red Dead Redemption 2 code have been seen in some of the leaked code and it appears that GTA 6 will use an evolved version of the engine.

GTA VI Filtrado

That is why in the images of the game you can see a very GTA V-style finish, not only because it maintains the same aesthetic, but also because it recycles part of the visual material from GTA V as temporary elements. , waiting for artists and graphic artists from the development team to replace them with updated elements. What it does seem like they had well advanced, since what was leaked dates back to 2020 at most, is the modeling of the city and that is that we are going to return to Vice City , which is based on real-world Miami.

Rockstar is removing the material from the network

At the moment, Rockstar’s legal department is hunting all the game material that has been leaking these two days. However, if you hurry you can still watch videos of the game running in developer mode on less popular websites. In case you haven’t seen them yet.

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In any case, we warn you, it is not only a very early version, but it is also old. Its release date? Well, we don’t know it from the moment it hasn’t been or been presented. That yes, at least we know that GTA 6 exists, that after more than a decade we began to doubt.