Where to get Genshin Impact minerals

If you like to have fun with Genshin Impact on your gaming mobile, you will surely want to discover some tricks that will make the game easier for you. Specifically, you will need minerals if you want to use blacksmith forge when crafting weapons. The problem is that you will have to find them and they are not as visible as they might seem. Therefore, knowing how to get them and where they are will help you a lot.

It is not the same that you go blind without knowing what you are going to find or where what you need may be, than knowing exactly where it may be, so we give you some tips and tricks so that you know where to find the minerals you need.

Where to get Genshin Impact minerals

This map and Ningguang can help you

If you don’t want to complicate things too much, Ningguang is a special character who, if you have him, will help you find the minerals in the game by marking your position when you walk near them. If you have it, use it and discover the minerals more easily. Do not forget to do expeditions , where you can get many minerals.

You can check the map and do a search to find anything you want , including the minerals you are interested in. Do not forget to take a character with the Claymore sword to break them better

mapa minerales geshin impact

Iron, in the middle of nature

If you are looking for iron, you will find it in mines, caves, or near mountainous terrain in the wild. It will not cost you much to find him near Mondstadt destroying things that shine. If what you are looking for is white iron, it will be found in the same places, although it is more rare to find it. Areas to look for are Stormbringer Point, Stormbringer Mountains, Kingdom of Wolves, Dihua Swamp, Musk Reef and Windwail Highlands and around Qingyun Peak.

You will also find it in expeditions from Adventure Rank 15 of the Adventurers Guild. If you send one of your characters out, they can come back with white iron.

Although it’s easy to find and you won’t have any trouble getting it, you can buy it from Shitou’s character in Liyue for 120 mora, albeit with a limit. White iron costs 400 moras. The maximum is 10 for every 3 days.

hierro geshin impact

The crystal is less frequent, explore these areas

Crystal shards are also often found in caves, mines, and near mountainous terrain. But they are much less frequent than the previous ones, so you must explore certain specific areas to get hold of them. You’ll also find them at Stormbringer’s Point.

cristal geshin impact

Also look for them at Stormterror’s Lair, Guyun, Qingce, Aozang Cave Mount, and Lingju Pass Entrance. You can also find it in expeditions.

Other minerals: Jade, magic crystal and stellar silver

Noctilucous Jade can be found in the Liye region, near mountain walls or inside caves. If you want to search in other areas, you can get these stones in the Mining Town of Mingyun. Near the Hidden Palace of the Lianshan Formula you can find a rock that can be broken and has many minerals of this type.

geshin impact jade minerales

If you reach Adventure Rank 30 you will be able to find these magic crystal pieces in certain areas, very close to the normal crystal pieces. When you reach reputation level 2 in some region, you will be able to talk to some non-playable characters to indicate the position of mining areas near you.

In Liyue they are Master Zhang, Iron Shoulder, Pan Guan’er, and Shizhuang the Strong. In Mondstadt these characters, you need to talk to Wagner, Draff, Doolan and Davy.

The star argent can be found in the snowy area of Spinadragón.