5 mobile detective games that will make you think

5 mobile detective games that will make you think

If you are looking for detective games for your mobile with which to test your investigation or detective skills , you will have a great time with these games available for Android and iOS. Although all of them are free, we have selected a paid one that is worth considering. Check that you have enough storage on your mobile and don’t hesitate to get hold of them now.

If you want to know what they are and how to get hold of them, keep reading and immerse yourself in this adventure in which you will solve cases, catch murderers, find treasures and go where no one else has gone before. You dare?

Criminal Case

criminal case app

This is one of the most interesting games that you can play to solve homicides with your mobile. You will solve the murder cases in this hidden object adventure game by joining the Grimsboroug Police.

You will have to investigate crime scenes , interrogate suspects, analyze evidence and much more, until you solve each case. It is a free game, with possible purchases in the app, with which you will take the murderers to the police.

If you like these types of games, there are a lot of them of the same type, so it doesn’t hurt to look for them in the app store. Some of the most prominent ones are Criminal Case: Paris, Criminal Case: The Conspiracy, Criminal Case: Supernatural, Criminal Case: Pacific Bay, Criminal Case: Mysteries and many others. They guarantee you hours and hours of fun playing at being a detective and solving the most complicated cases.

Detective Jackie – Mystic Case

detective jackie app

This is a free game where a mysterious painting hides sinister secrets and you have to dive into its details to solve the murder of a girl. You will have to follow the clues and ask the right questions for it.

Private detective Jackie Johnson is dedicated to solving murders and disappearances of children and this is one of her great challenges that you will have to help her with. Although you can enjoy it for free, you will have to register for it.

The Midsomer Murders

asesinatos de midsomer app

This is a game in which you will have to take the magnifying glass to better discover their mysterious murders. This is an exciting crossword game set in the enchanting setting of Midsomer County. A place where many murders happen and they have to reinforce their team of detectives. The latest addition is Elizabeth Barbaby.

In this captivating game you will have to show your detective skills to ask the right questions and find out what is happening. You’ll be able to meet new characters, analyze evidence in the lab, interrogate suspects, explore crime scenes, and much more.

Homicide Squad: Detective

homicide squad

This is another entertaining detective game in which you will have to face match -three puzzles and search for hidden objects . If you like puzzles and solve cases, this is one of your best options. Look for the evidence of the crime and venture into its discoveries. You will be able to choose your preferred game mode in any scene, among many other things.

As it is frequently updated, you will soon see more locations, criminals and exciting adventures.

Layton: the mysterious town HD

layton app

This is an entertaining detective game that fascinates a large number of people. The only drawback is that you will have to pay for it, since right now it has a purchase price of 10.99 euros on Android or 9.99 euros on iOS. It is a remastered HD mobile game with lots of previously unreleased animated videos and much more. It begins with Professor Layton driving to a remote town with his apprentice.

According to the baron’s will, the family treasure is hidden somewhere in the villa and whoever finds it will inherit all its possessions. For this reason, they will search the village in search of clues to reach it. It has more than 100 puzzles that you will have to complete while you solve the case and much more, with addictive mini-games. Among their languages, there is Spanish.

Do you dare to try them and discover what mysteries are hidden behind them?