Has the mobile camera fogged up? Clean it up as soon as possible

The problem with the cloudy mobile camera happens much more than you imagine, and it can occur in all mobiles and even in the different front and rear cameras of the mobile. There are several people who complain about this problem that affects their experience of using the mobile.

There are not a few who are surprised that one of their cameras is cloudy, as if it had water, without having fallen into the water or having noticed any important change in habit. Do you want to know what it is due to and why it is good to clean it or act as soon as possible?

Has the mobile camera fogged up

Many users complain about foggy camera

Recently, a user of a Galaxy A30 has complained of finding his front camera fogged up, as if water had entered it, as we can see in the image. It is possible that you have also seen it, or that it has happened to you on one of your mobiles because it is more frequent than it might seem.

Most recommended going to a technical service as soon as possible to have it looked at, and there is even another user who complained of the same problem when going out for a run on a very cold day. Dismissing that it is the screen protector, the solution was left to the view of a technician, who, unless you have insurance that covers everything or home insurance works for you, the mobile guarantee does not take care of it.


Why does the camera of your mobile fog up?

Obviously it did not only happen in these specific cases. The most common is that the fogging of the mobile camera can be due to condensation , which also affects mobile phones in certain circumstances. If you have not dropped it in the water, something you should check, it may be that your mobile has experienced a sudden change in temperature, that you have taken it to the bathroom while you were taking a shower and the steam has affected it, or that you have gone to snow from a warmer place.

In any case, if you change your mobile from a humid environment to a dry or air-conditioned one, it can happen. It could also be that it is your own sweat, something that will affect your mobile, especially on the outside, and that you will solve if you clean it as soon as possible.

If your mobile has water protection , but you have exceeded the depth or the minutes, you could also encounter this problem, so without proper habits, no mobile is protected. In any case, it could fog up in the cases indicated above as well.

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Clean it and act as soon as possible to dry it

Although it is best to prevent it by carrying out appropriate usage habits and avoiding exposing your mobile to large changes in temperature, this is not always possible and you can still do something to solve it.

The first thing you should do is clean it when you come across this problem to make sure that’s not the problem. Sometimes the mobile cameras fog up on the outside and you just have to clean it with a dry cloth. If you don’t want it to happen again, avoid touching the camera with your hands or something other than the cloth or wipe to clean the camera.

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In case you notice that the fogging occurs inside, you can choose to resort to silica bags that will help you absorb moisture from the camera. Although there are those who say they have solved it with the dryer, it is not the most advisable because the components could be damaged.

You can also disassemble the mobile and the camera with the appropriate tools, although we only recommend this if you have some knowledge, are handy and dare. In this case, once you have done it you will have to clean it thoroughly inside. Otherwise, you will have no choice but to go to a technician.