Where can you find the best Call of Duty: Mobile loots?

A key point to start our game of Call of Duty Mobile in Battle Royale mode on the right foot is to find a good location to get the best possible loot. Without a good supply we are lost and our enemies will have it very easy against us. For that, we must know well the map on which we move, so that our fall from the plane is a success.

Where can you find the best Call of Duty

It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or a complete newbie, these places of supply will be just as important for everyone. However, you should know that the more popular the place to start for its good supplies, the more rivals we will have around us to face. Sometimes it is good to take the place as a reference, but to move away a little to approach slowly and with a firm step.

Zones to start the game

There are many locations with which our strategy can start, although if we know where we are going to find the best resources , we will have something done. The Call Of Duty Mobile map is made up of several important areas, but not all with excellent loot to get started, so we must know everything that each one of them offers and depending on the moment and the route to follow, choose the best one.

mapa call of duty

The nuclear plant

Although many will choose to go to this location, it is one of the places on the map where the large number of buildings and constructions will lead us to find a good loot. Perhaps the weapons are not the most advanced, but the ammunition will be enough to start off on the right foot in front of our enemies and to be able to move to the safe zone wherever it is.

Launch base

call of duty

In the center of the map we find a strategic point on the map to move to any place and that also offers us a good supply. In this case, the weapons are usually long-range, offering superior precision to play a strategy based on a good location, the same that we can also find in this area.


If you are looking for heavy weapons, you have to visit the port on more than one occasion, since here we are going to find good loots and also there are usually not many enemies. It is a relatively quiet area, although it is common that we have to take a vehicle to reach other areas once we are ready for battle.

The worst areas

In the same way that we have areas to visit if we want to fill our backpack, there are spaces that it is better not to go from the map. These are the practice field, Sakura or the station, where we usually go back empty-handed and even our game could end as soon as we start by not bringing what we need.