OxygenOS errors that ColorOS can fix

With our sights set on the new version of OxygenOS based on Android 12 , which a few days ago we could see the arrival of the first beta, the truth is that errors continue to accumulate on the mobile devices of the Chinese firm. And, once again, the patience of its users has reached its limit. For this reason, many wonder if these ‘specific’ failures will be solved or if it is better to go directly to the OPPO customization layer.

OxygenOS errors that ColorOS can fix

Many believe that the changes should always be to improve the operation of their smartphones, but it is clear that lately they have had to face all kinds of errors. For this reason, we will review the most notorious errors, as well as the first ones that have appeared with OxygenOS 12. In addition to that we will see the good side of what it would mean to have ColorOS in a OnePlus .

First OxygenOS 12 glitches

Failures in the first versions are normal, since we are facing a beta version that is launched in the first place to check what errors may appear in the operating system. For this reason, we will not talk about the different problems that it has had during the preview for the developers, but about the first errors that have appeared in OxygenOS 12 with the arrival of its beta. Among them, we find the following:

OnePlus 7 y 7T solución

  • Frozen or unstable camera.
  • Unable to receive text messages and calls.
  • Bluetooth headphones may not connect.
  • CPU information is not displayed correctly.
  • The buttons in the Gallery app don’t work well.
  • Screen recordings may crash and not save.

Seeing all these errors, it is impossible not to think about the large number of errors that occurred in the previous version of its layer that was based on Android 11. The most notorious cases were that the mobile was frozen, more problems with calls , fast charging stopped working, as well as screen gestures, among many other cases.

For this reason, the problems present in OxygenOS 11 seem to be that they do not disappear completely. So what is the solution?

Is the option ColorOS?

The drawbacks with the OnePlus software layer do not stop showing up. So everything leads to think that having a simpler interface would cause problems to be solved earlier or even not appear so continuously. In previous versions, the Chinese firm had found the perfect balance between simplicity and customization , something that changed from OxygenOS 11, since it stopped having such a Stock interface.

colorOS oxygenOS

In other words, for many it was no longer a ‘clean’ layer , as it had been in recent years. However, the solution could be to get a little more fixated on OPPO’s software layer, or go on to count on it directly, since as we know, this same year its merger increased, causing OnePlus terminals in China they will have ColorOS instead of HydrogenOS.

Therefore, OPPO software could bring the following benefits to OnePlus smartphones:

  1. More updates and faster.
  2. Fewer failures in the system itself.
  3. A more polished interface and with improvements in the system options.

Taking into account these three points, and adding the idea of having a cleaner interface, we could be in front of the perfect keys to eliminate the errors of this layer .