Amazfit has a problem with the GPS of its watches (with solution)

Amazfit has a problem with the GPS of its watches

The accessories or complements that we carry on our wrists have become increasingly useful over time, as is the case with Amazfit watches which, together with other brands such as Xiaomi, has managed to reach many users in the world. However, and unfortunately for many, it is not always without problems.

Fortunately, not all of it is bad news, since whenever a problem arises, we find different possible solutions to get to fix it in one way or another. As is the case with GPS and its lack of precision by not locating correctly every time we are going to use this functionality, whether for running, walking, etc. Although, as we said, it can be resolved.

Fix the GPS accuracy of your Amazfit watch

Surely from time to time, when trying to position the GPS it has not worked as it should. And it is that there are many factors that will affect its signal, from buildings, dense trees or even the large layers of clouds that form, since smartwaches are connected to several aerial satellites to make this technology work. However, if in your case you are having numerous failures, this trick will be of great help:

Amazfit GPS

  1. Stand in an open space outside.
  2. Press any activity to do the test (walking, running outdoors …).
  3. Once you click on the option you want, you will have to leave your wrist as still as possible in the same position.

After a few seconds of waiting, it will finally detect our location and we can get going without any problem. In addition, this is the trick that has worked the most for Amazfit users when they have suffered this connectivity failure.

GPS not working for you? Try this method

Due to the number of failures that have arisen around this connectivity in Amazfit watches , the brand itself recommends the following:

  1. First, check that you have the latest software version in the app you use, as well as the firmware on the bracelet. If not, we will have to update it.
  2. Then, before using GPS, connect your watch to the phone and sync A-GPS.
  3. Finally, find an open place before clicking on an activity that uses GPS.

If the error continues, we will have to close the app, turn Bluetooth off and on , restart our smartwatch and try to synchronize the clock again. In addition, as a recommendation, we can erase the cache data of the app itself from our smartphone by entering the Applications> section and selecting the software that we use. Inside, we must find the option to Clear cache data . Although, what has worked the most among users has been the previous trick, at least until the arrival of a new update.