WhatsApp Shops: New Function to Buy from the App

Mark Zuckerberg has announced some interesting news that will reach his main social networks. Among them is one that will allow stores to offer the same content through the Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp applications , being able to make purchases directly from all the apps.

Specifically, Zuckerberg has announced three novelties all related to the purchase directly from the apps. The first is Shops , which will reach both WhatsApp and the Marketplace . The third is Instagram Visual Search , and the third is Shops Ads.

WhatsApp Shops

Shops Ads: same experience on WhatsApp and Instagram

With Shops on WhatsApp it will be possible to buy directly from the chat in the same way as on other platforms. We will only have to open a conversation with the company through the phone number. In the case of Marketplace, sellers will be able to set up an online store directly from Facebook where they can make the purchase from the website itself without going to another external one.


In the case of Visual Search on Instagram, it will be possible to find products based on images that we like, while with Shop Ads we will be taken with a selection of products that we can buy based on our tastes and obtaining a personalized selection. In addition, it will be possible to try some of them with augmented reality, such as a lipstick to see how the final color looks, facilitating purchases on Instagram.

The Shops in Marketplace function will be available only in the United States at the moment, while Shops on WhatsApp will be gradually reaching several countries. The Shop Ads feature will reach the United States, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Companies that want to use WhatsApp Business now also have it easier, since before the process could take weeks, and now it only takes a few minutes to complete. With it, stores will only have to configure one store and it will work directly on the three platforms, which will encourage more and more companies to join this function. Of the 2 billion WhatsApp users, only 175 million use it to talk to businesses on a daily basis for purchases or customer service.

The WhatsApp shopping function has been in development for more than a year, where we have seen little by little how companies have been interacting more with users, offering their catalogs for example. Therefore, it is a matter of months before the purchasing function reaches the stable version of the app.

New sticker packs on WhatsApp

While these functions arrive, WhatsApp has launched two new sticker packs: Papa mere Papa and DinDin . The first pack of Stickers for WhatsApp is one designed for parents and children. The second is a pack oriented for Brazil related to money. They can be downloaded at the following links: