TechSee Creates an AI that Replaces Instruction Manuals

TechSee, which describes itself as an intelligent visual assistance company, today announced the launch of Cortex, an artificial intelligence platform that is taught to recognize thousands of products, models, parts and components after consuming a small amount of data. . TechSee says that by leveraging a combination of artificial intelligence and synthetic data, Cortex can be set up in a matter of hours , giving end users a step-by-step visual guide through an augmented reality overlay. The company has ensured that companies such as Orange, Vodafone, Hippo or Telus are offering this service to their customers.

The augmented reality market is estimated to grow from $ 10.7 billion in 2019 to $ 72.7 billion in 2024, according to a recent report by the company Markets and Markets. Technicians are faced with the challenging task of working on equipment with varying technical specifications, often in confined or hard-to-reach spaces. With augmented reality apps, they could have all the information they need displayed in front of them while they can get their work done.

TechSee Creates an AI that Replaces Instruction Manuals

Easier for the customer

TechSee’s cross-platform applications use computer vision to recognize products, problems, and expedite warranty registration. Customer agents can see what customers are seeing through their smartphone cameras and visually guide them to resolutions, using live video or photos.

Cortex is based on the technologies that TechSee has to allow other companies to custom create their own visual self-service. The services most used by these companies are billing, contracting, product unpacking, warranty claims, product registration, technical repair and problem solving, among others. For example, many technicians are using the application to install fiber optic boxes in the United States.

Realidad Aumentada The company believes that the time has come to put an end to the classic instruction manuals and move to augmented reality virtual assistants. These devices could listen, see, read and interact and will transform the way people receive help when problems arise, also saving brands a lot of money and generating new revenue.

An AI that helps with many tasks

Cortex can guide users through unpacking various consumer electronics devices, and capture information to increase sales while explaining bills by reading water, gas, and electricity meters. Insurance policyholders can use Cortex to document damage to insured property or identify items they want to insure for virtual underwriting. Additionally, Cortex can certify that an on-site field technician has completed a successful repair by examining the job through a smartphone or tablet camera.


To use Cortex, a user touches a link sent in a text message from a self-service channel and connects through a web browser. They are guided visually and with voice instructions on how to capture images. After receiving a confirmation message with a referral code, a customer service agent joins in, views the footage during a live video session, and provides a step-by-step augmented reality guide on the screen.