WhatsApp Finally Lets You Hide the Chats That Annoy You the Most

WhatsApp has been allowing chats to be archived for a long time. However, the function did not work as well as it should, where, for example, Telegram’s was much easier and more comfortable to use when archiving chats that we did not want to be disturbed by others. Now, the application has released an improved version.

This was announced by the application a few hours ago, where the new functionality of archiving chats allows us to save the chats and continue accessing them whenever we want. Thanks to this, if we are in a chat that has a lot of activity, it will not bother us or force us to read all the messages to leave the inbox to zero.

WhatsApp Finally Lets You Hide the Chats

New improved way to archive chats on WhatsApp

To archive a chat, all we have to do is press and hold the chat and click on the archive icon (the one with a down arrow). With the archived chat, an area will now appear at the top in which all the file chats will be grouped, in the same way that it appears in applications such as Telegram.

And it is that WhatsApp has relied a lot on this application for its new system of archiving chats . They are all saved at the top, instead of at the bottom as in the past. The messages we receive will not appear in the notifications and they will not bother us, and we can change those settings whenever we want. In addition, we can access and participate in chats without having to unarchive them .

The function is beginning to reach all users little by little, whether they have the stable version or the beta version. In the event that it has not reached you yet, all you have to do is archive a chat and receive a message in them. In that case, the app will become fully compatible.

Other features launched by WhatsApp these days

This is not the only feature WhatsApp has launched these days. The company launched the HD Photos functionality for iOS this weekend, where you can now choose the quality of the images before sending them without having to send them as a file. You can choose three options: better quality or data saving, where the first is limited to 2048 x 2048 pixels. We can also let the mobile choose what quality to send, and for this there is the Auto option.

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Finally, WhatsApp is also beginning to introduce in the app code the function to migrate the WhatsApp chat history from iOS to Android. The feature is still under development, but we can already see how it will work.