What’s New in Mobile Security and Privacy with MIUI 12

Among all the news that have appeared in MIUI 12, the security and privacy apparatus has taken on great importance. Users want their files, applications and information to be safe and for this reason the company has had to put letters on the matter. It is true that there are important changes in this aspect, but we want to know for sure how they affect users and if they are as many as they seem.

New in Mobile Security and Privacy with MIUI 12

Among all the Android customization layers, the Xiaomi is one of the most complete and few things we could miss in MIUI 11, even so there are changes in MIUI 12 that may be important to us. Little by little the renewed layer of Xiaomi will come to the selected mobiles, but we must be patient because it is not a matter of a day or two.

Share photos without too much information

With the arrival of MIUI 12 to Xiaomi phones, a very important feature is received that allows us to choose when sending photos or videos if we want to add metadata and location information. This makes the image more anonymous and can not know the place where it was taken, something that gives us greater security, since we never know where a photograph can end.

seguridad fotos xiaomi

Xiaomi servers lose control

Until now, the security of Xiaomi was borne by the company remotely, which means that some data was sent to its servers to verify its veracity. This happened for example when installing an application, analyzing it in a certain way remotely and then returning this information to our smartphone with the security message or not. The same was done to improve the photographs or choose the best of those that appear in the gallery with the help of artificial intelligence.

seguridad galería xiaomi

With Xiaomi’s transparency changes, this is done locally and no data needs to be submitted. Xiaomi has included this change by receiving security certifications such as ISO 27001 or ISO 27018, among others, which legally secures user data. Furthermore, the only data that has to be transferred will always do so under the HTTPS security protocol.

More security for mobile and data

With the MIUI 12 redesign, it has been used to give a new air and integrate security options that were previously more complicated to know in the settings. In turn, this data has been encrypted from end to end, which is useful when we use the Xiaomi cloud or to locate the device.

seguridad cuenta xiaomi miui 12

In the event of a suspicious login attempt, we will be notified to our phone number or by email, thus ensuring that our account is safe and also our data.

Enhanced security at MIUI 12

In addition to these options, which are the most interesting for the user, protection measures have been taken in many other points of the system. As we have been commenting on each tool, the certifications have come to stay at Xiaomi, thus giving greater protection also to organizations. Xiaomi tries to give security to users and it seems that it is on the right track.