Mass Logger: the New Keylogger Much More Sophisticated and Dangerous

Keyloggers are one of the threats that we can find on the net. As we know they have the function of collecting all the data that we enter into our system and this includes passwords and credentials. In this way, a hacker could access our accounts, steal information and ultimately put our security and privacy at risk. In this article we echo Mass Logger , a new more sophisticated and dangerous keylogger.

Mass Logger, a new more sophisticated keylogger

Mass Logger joins the long list of threats that we have online. It is a new keylogger that aims to record the passwords and data entered by users. However, it is more sophisticated than other keyloggers that we can find on the Internet.

Mass Logger: the New Keylogger Much More Sophisticated and Dangerous

This keylogger has been discovered by the computer security company Cofense Intelligence . They consider it much more sophisticated than the keyloggers discovered so far, since in this case it is updated very regularly. In fact it has been updated 13 times in the last three weeks.

But not only does it have quick updates , it also has the function of reporting possible problems. In other words, an attacker could report bugs to the developer or request changes to make it more dangerous. This feedback causes the Mass Logger keylogger to be more sophisticated and complex than other varieties on the net.

Protección frente a los Keylogger

How Mass Logger works and how to avoid it

Once a cybercriminal has access to Mass Logger , he can send malicious links to unsuspecting victims through Phishing campaigns. All it takes is a click of a malicious link, and thus the devices would be infected with this keylogger malware.

This makes it very important to know the risks and know how to avoid keyloggers. The first thing is common sense . We have seen that in many cases this type of threat comes after we click on a malicious link or enter a certain website modified to attack. Therefore it is essential to always keep common sense in mind and not make mistakes.

Of course it is also essential to have security programs . A good antivirus will prevent the entrance of malware that could compromise our privacy. What about Mass Logger? As we have mentioned it is updated very frequently. This makes it very difficult to be detected by antivirus. However, it is something that cannot be missing from our team and we must also always have the latest versions.

We must also take into account the importance of having the latest versions at the system level. On many occasions vulnerabilities arise that can be exploited by hackers to deploy their attacks. It is essential that we always have the patches available and thus have no risks that may affect our security.

In short, Mass Logger is a new keylogger that is more difficult to detect. It is more sophisticated and that poses a higher security risk. It is very important that we take steps to prevent attacks. We leave you an article where we talk about how to maintain security on social networks.