What to give for Christmas to a fan of The Lord of the Rings

Everyone has one close by, the followers of The Lord of the Rings are many and this Christmas it’s time to give them something, which is why they are deeply endearing. Therefore, we bring you the best Christmas gifts for a fan of The Lord of the Rings . We guarantee that you will succeed with any of the choices you make, because we have selected the most top in style.

fan of The Lord of the Rings

It is true that we could tell you to give him the movies (they are always releasing new versions that, now, they claim to be the definitive ones), or you could give funkos , of course. But it is quite likely that they already have all that, several times, in addition.

Therefore, this time we have tracked down some gifts that have style and are not the usual ones.

And of course, we start with …

A 14 karat gold reproduction of the One Ring

Reproducción en oro del Anillo Único

That fan of The Lord of the Rings had better be very dear, because we are talking about a handmade ring of more than 250 euros.

Solid gold, the possibility of personalization and a real gift that you can find in this Etsy shop .

Travel posters with locations from The Lord of the Rings

Posters de lugares de El Señor Anillos

We did not leave Etsy, because we have fallen in love with these posters of mythical places from The Lord of the Rings .

The minimalist style is perfect for those who do not want to leave those fantasy lands, but also do not want their house to always look like a college room. Beautiful. Reason here .

Letter opener of Narsil, the legendary sword

So legendary that it was the blade that cut off Sauron’s finger and dispossessed him of the One Ring in battle at the foot of Mount Doom. Forged by dwarves and wielded by Elendil and Isildur, Aragorn finds it in pieces.

Luckily, this letter opener reproduces it in its entirety and we won’t have that problem. And yes, it is a letter opener, the sword is not life-size, but it is not uncommon for a true Lord of the Rings fan to write and still receive them.

Tavern Mug The Trampling Pony

Jarra del Pony Pisador

It’s not easy being a fan of The Lord of the Rings . Or rather, it is not cheap to be a fan of The Lord of the Rings . There are too many precious things that are worth a lot of euros.

Personally, and let’s not get into issues of alcoholism, I have always loved this mug from the tavern The Punching Pony . Frodo and his fellow hobbits came looking for Gandalf, but found Aragorn. Almost eighty euros for a work of crafts in wood, metal and rope.

Lord of the Rings chess game

There are many games based on the novels and it is likely that many fans have almost all of them. Therefore, we opted for something with style, which never goes out of style and is always elegant.

This chess set will face light and dark with beautiful and detailed figures.

Decoration candle holder with scenes from The Lord of the Rings

Portavelas El Señor de los Anillos

We also liked, and it is not expensive, this decorative candle holder with die-cut sides that draw shadows on the wall with scenes from the book.

It is made of wood, so a bad idea to put a real candle, we already let you know. Put one of those electrics that do the same effect if you don’t want that to end as if Smaug had passed through there.

Moleskine Notebook The Lord of the Rings

If the person you are gifting is a true fan, they will probably scribble often in notebooks while smoking aromatic herb in a pipe. If so, this Lord of the Rings Moleskine notebook is ideal for you to write your fan fiction .

As you can see, good taste is not at odds with geek and any of these options will be an excellent gift for a fan of The Lord of the Rings .